Horizon Forbidden West Isle of Spires Relic Ruins Guide

Last Update: February 21, 2022


Horizon Forbidden West Isle of Spires Relic Ruins

This late-game Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruins puzzle is another step on your way to collecting all the ornaments. Our Isle of Spires Relic Ruins guide will show you exactly what you need to do to complete this puzzle.

Horizon Forbidden West Isle of Spires Relic Ruin – Where to Find The Relic Ruin?

The Isle of Spires can only be accessed by boat during the Faro's Tomb quest. It lies all the way to the west, among the ruins of ancient San Francisco. You'll find the Isle of Spires Relic Ruins west of Legacy's Landfall.


Horizon Forbidden West Isle of Spires Relic Ruin Puzzle Solved

These relic ruins are big and partially flooded. The locked door we need to get into requires a physical key and a two-part code. Fortunately, there's a data point right by the door that gives you some clues as to where to look. Let's start with locating the physical key, then we'll piece the required code together.

In order to go up, you must first go down. Dive underwater and you'll find an Ancient Valuables box and Ancient Supply Box. You'll also find a door you can open that leads to a room with an Ancient Valuables Safe. At the end of this room is a small opening you can squeeze through. Swim through the crack and surface into a room with a crate and Firegleam. Ignite the Firegleam to blow a hole in the wall, adding a new entrance to the Isle of Spires Relic Ruins and giving you easy access to a Campfire. There are also some gripholds that we'll come back to in a moment to climb up to a higher level.

Turn around and you should see hiding on an upper ledge the module key. But there are iron bars in the way. The solution to this is a bit odd. First, use your Pullcaster to move the crate up the ramp and out of the water. Push it to the side with the Meta Flower and push it into the water. Swim across and your Pullcaster to move it across so it's in front of the iron bars on the wall. Next, stand on the crate and look through a hole in the bars. You should see a ladder locked by a safety lock. Shoot through the gap with an arrow in order to drop the ladder.


Horizon Forbidden West Isle of Spires Relic Ruins Ladder

Strike open the Metal Flower with your staff and collect the valuables from the Ancient Supply Box. Once open, install the Vine Cutter module and clear the vines out of your way. Next, make your way around the crumbling corridors to the flooded section where the ladder dropped. Climb up the grip holds, then jump backward. Congratulations, you have the Isle of Spires Relic Ruins Main Office Key. Once you’re done, use your pullcaster to drag the crate back to the abandoned elevator doors you saw before.

Next, head back outside to the campfire and climb the grip holds on the outside. Eventually, you’ll come up to a floor with a pair of elevator doors and a power cell slot. Make your way left through the rubble and you should spot a small room with a power cell and a power cell charger on the right side. It looks like an easy solution, just put the cell in the charger, then move it back to the elevator. Except the charge dies before you can get it there.


Instead, go out of the cell charger and look in the left-hand corner. There should be another corridor in the back. Look to the ceiling and you’ll see a hatch. Yank it down with your Pullcaster and climb up. You’ll find another power cell charger and a wall with Firegleam you can blow up. Use this cell charger and you should be able to charge the elevator.

Horizon Forbidden West Isle of Spires Relic Ruins Elevator Battery


After that is done, ride the elevator down, then drag the crate into the elevator with you and ride it up. Next, push the crate out onto the landing and around the corner to the right. You can use the crate to reach some grip holds you weren’t able to before. Climb up, and you should be able to reach the ninth-floor room with the datapoint containing the first half of the Isle of Spires keypad puzzle solution. Enter the code into the keypad on the locked door and enter.

Here, you can use your Pullcaster to pull an Ancient Supply Chest to you, then walk out on the beam protruding into the room and take a leap of faith, using your Shieldglide to reach the next landing across the room. Go to the left and use your Pullcaster to pull down the crate across the gap. It'll get stuck the first time it falls, just throw your Pullcaster again to dislodge it, causing the crate to fall into the water.

Once the crate has fallen into the water, swim away from where the crate has fallen and go up a green ramp. This should be the room right next to the locked door with the relic inside. Next, use your Pullcaster to drag the crate into this area. Next, yank down the hatch that is on the ceiling with your Pullcaster, then climb up the crate and through the hatch. This should get you to the second datapad and the second half of the keycode.

Horizon Forbidden West Isle of Spires Relic Ruins Hatch

Now you should have the key and the keycode. Get back to the locked door and use the key and the combined key codes. Just a reminder the solution with four digits goes first, then the one with three. Consult your datapoint messages if you need reminders.


And that is how to solve the Isle of Spires Relic Ruin puzzle in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Isle of Spires Relic Ruins Ornament

Those looking to get the Horizon Forbidden West Platinum Trophy will want to tackle at least some of the Relic Ruins, as relevant Forbidden West trophies include:

  • Completed 3 Relic Ruins trophy
  • Recovered 5 Different Collectables trophy

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