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Aloy outside an abandoned hotel

Hello explorers. Chances are you've become aware of the Relic Ruins that are peppered throughout the map of Horizon: Forbidden West. These self-contained physics puzzle challenges are packed with rewards such as resources and tons of EXP for completing them. But what if some of those puzzles have left you puzzled? Check out our Horizon: Forbidden West The Daunt Relic Ruin guide for the location of the code and doorway to complete this Ruin.

The map showing the location of The Daunt's Relic Ruin
For those who need a bit more help finding this ruin.

Horizon: Forbidden West The Daunt Relic Ruin – Where to Find The Relic Ruin?

This will no doubt be your very first Relic Ruin in Horizon: Forbidden West depending on how exploration happy you are. But if you need some guidelines, the ruin can be found south of Chainscrape, nestled near a campfire and a vista tower. You can check our map above for a more concrete reference.

Aloy in front of a crate in an abandoned hotel
Start getting familiar with this blue hatching, you'll see it pop up a lot.

Horizon: Forbidden West The Daunt Relic Ruin – Solving The Puzzle

So you've made it to the Relic Ruin and it appears to be an abandoned hotel. There's a locked door on the upper floors. You'll need a key and a password in order to get inside, and the place itself isn't going to just hand it to you.

First thing's first, grab the loose box and move it to the foothold so you can climb up to the locked door. From there, head left to the balcony and follow it to the other room and dropdown. From there, you should see a purple object on a couch. Scan this with your Focus as soon as you can. It contains the passcode you need. One password down, one hotel key to go.

Next, use your pullcaster to yank down the box from the floor above. Then move it to the other side of the room. You should see two grapple points on the wall. Use your pullcaster on the lower one and you'll yank a beam outwards that you can climb. Follow the path upwards and you should end up on the upper floor. With this new height, use your pullcaster again on the upper hatch. This should open up a vent. Climb your way up through the vent and you should be in a third room.

This is where things get a bit tricky. As soon as you drop down head to the wall separating this room from the room you were in. It should have a hatch for you to use your pullcaster. Do it and you'll open a hole to the other room. Drag the crate you used into this new room. Next, descend into the basement, it should be marked by a naturally sinking spot in the floor. Once you head down far enough – Aloy should be using a green flashlight to light the way – look upwards. You'll see another hatch. Use your pullcaster to rip a hole in the ceiling. Next, pull the crate into the basement then move it to the wall showing climbable surfaces. If you tried climbing these normally, they'd break away.

Aloy interacting with a holographic numberpad
Even after the end of the world, we're still memorizing keypad numbers.

With this crate, climb upwards and follow the path to the balcony. The hotel key should be up here. Once it is collected, drop down and head back into the hotel the way you came and retrace your steps back to the locked hotel door. Once you are up there, use the key on the door. Next, open your menu, go to the Notebook section, and scroll all the way down to Collectibles. You should find the transcript of the message you scanned earlier. You're looking for a four-digit number code at the very bottom of the message. Punch in the code, go through the door, and collect your reward.

And that is how to solve the Relic Ruin found in The Daunt from Horizon: Forbidden West. For help on more Relic Ruins going forward and other tips and tricks, stick around.

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