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So, you're looking Hood: Outlaws & Legends unlockables and have got a few heists under your belt. Maybe you even managed to snag yourself a treasure chest or two in the process.

There’s loads of things that you can unlock, such as perks, which give you particular skills in battle, or outfits, which just make you look a bit cooler. Hood throws a lot at you from the off, so you’d be forgiven for being a bit confused about the progression system. That’s where we come in.

As you complete heists, you get gold and XP. Between them, gold and XP can be used for upgrading three things: the Hideout, Character Rank and Player Rank.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Unlockables — The Hideout

The Hideout is the main hub of Hood. You’ll spend any time outside of heists here, checking out daily challenges, choosing outfits and just generally mucking about. 

Heists reward the player with gold, depending on how well you and your team performed, and you have to decide what to do with any gold you acquire. You can choose to keep the gold to yourself and spend it on cosmetics. Alternatively, in true Robin Hood style, you can share it amongst the people, raising your Hideout rank in the process.

Raising your Hideout rank unlocks cosmetics, such as outfits and weapon skins. These don't have any bearing on your combat ability but they make you look cool, which is just as important, right?

Character Rank

There are four characters in Hood: Marianne, John, Robin and Tooke. You can level them up individually with XP gained from using them in battle or completing challenges.

Increasing your characters’ levels unlocks exclusive outfits, weapons and, most importantly, perks. Perks are special abilities or passive skills that can give you the edge in battle, so it’s worth unlocking and equipping them when you can.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Unlockables
Subtlety not really your thing? Then John is the character for you.

Player Rank

As well as an individual level for each character, you also have an overall account level: your Player Rank. This increases automatically as you gain XP, unlocking exclusive outfits and weapons.

Outside of gold and XP, there are more things you'll have to do to unlock all the content Hood has to offer.


You can get your hands on even more outfits and weapons by completing specific achievements. For example, John has an achievement called ‘Hold The Gate’ which is completed by lifting a portcullis to allow a teammate carrying the chest to get through. Successful completion of this will unlock the Tungsten outfit for purchase. (Unfortunately, he still has a mullet while wearing this.)

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Unlockables


Finally, collectables are extra little bits and pieces that flesh out the game's lore and provide a little extra for the player to do. Trinkets are objects that can be acquired by assassinating enemies. There are six trinkets on each map and five maps in total. So that makes for 30 trinkets altogether. Better get your sneak on!

Legends give you the backstory of each character and are unlocked by winning matches as that character. Unlocking them all will give you a reward: yep, that's right, another outfit.

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