Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marshland Map Guide

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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marshland Map Guide

May 10, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

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Sumo Digital
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May 10, 2021
MMO, Action RPG
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In this Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marshland Map Guide, we'll show you where to find Ammo and Gear, the Marshland Vault Locations, and some tips for getting the win on this challenging map!

Hood Outlaws & Legends Marshland Map Guide - map

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marshland Map – The Map

This Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marshland Map Guide shows a surprisingly open southern portion of the map — it's very easy to get picked off by a skilled Robin player. Thankfully, the more open areas of the map are lightly patrolled and give you plenty of room to move around. Sadly, the bottom half of the map also poses a challenge — it's somewhat lacking in Ammo and Gear boxes as compared with the northern part of the map.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marshland Map Guide – Vault Locations

  • Keep – This Vault is located on the ground floor of the Keep, all the way to the right of the front entrance.
  • Church – This Vault is located in the first basement floor of the Church in a room with plenty of pillars to hide behind.

Hood Outlaws & Legends Marshland Map Guide - winch slice


Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marshland Map Guide – Tips and Strategy

The final thing to cover in our Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marshland Map Guide is some tips and strategy. Not every map in the game is the same, and this one certainly has its fair share of unique challenges!

  • The Sunken Village Winch is in a very open area. You won't take much fire from the high ground, but you can easily be ambushed from any direction.
  • The Ruins Winch provides excellent cover from any high-ground attacks. The walls surrounding the Winch will give you good cover from any ground-based ranged attacks, too. However, it's pretty close quarters — that makes it very easy to get ambushed if you're not paying attention.
  • The Wetlands Winch can be attacked from the bridge above, so you should keep an eye on that. That aside, it has few ground approaches and it's easier to keep an eye on those.
  • The town wall stretches along most of the map and can give a good firing position (and plenty of Ammo refills) for any skilled Robin on the map.
  • The first floor of the Church is one of the more open interior spaces with few avenues of retreat — try to avoid getting in a fight in that building.
  • The lower floors of the Keep are somewhat vulnerable to ambushes from above. Make sure to keep an eye on the terrain above you!

And that's it. If you're looking for a few more tips to beat Hood: Outlaws & Legends, make sure to check out our Guide for beginners.

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