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Honkai: Star Rail features a lot of content to get through, from the main Trailblaze Missions to daily and weekly quests. However, a lot of this is locked behind your Trailblaze Level, including the main story at times. In our Honkai: Star Rail Trailblaze Level Guide, we'll go over the main roadblocks and ways to increase your Trailblaze Level.

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What is Trailblaze Level in Honkai: Star Rail

Your Trailblaze Level is something separate from the levels each character has. It's present at all times, increasing as you do certain actions and complete quests. It doesn't increase your stats on its own, but certain Trailblaze Levels unlock the ability to increase your Equilibrium Level. Pom-Pom will also give you rewards for each level if you talk to him on the Astral Express.

What is Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail

Equilibrium Level determines the difficulty of the enemies you encounter throughout Honkai: Star Rail, while also increasing the potential level cap for characters and rewards you get from most content. It starts at level 0, with quests unlocking once you reach certain Trailblaze Levels that allow you to increase the Equilibrium Level by 1. The required Trailblaze Levels are:

  • Equilibrium Level 1 - Trailblaze Level 20
  • Equilibrium Level 2 - Trailblaze Level 30
  • Equilibrium Level 3 - Trailblaze Level 40
  • Equilibrium Level 4 - Trailblaze Level 50
  • Equilibrium Level 5 - Trailblaze Level 60
  • Equilibrium Level 6 - Trailblaze Level 65

Outside of certain daily content, once you've increased your Equilibrium Level, there's no way to reduce the difficulty of the enemies of you encounter. Because of this, it's worth stocking up on exp and ascension materials to boost your character's stats quickly.

The Trailblaze EXP in-game description in Honkai: Star Rail, detailing how Trailblaze EXP can increase your Trailblaze Level.

Best Ways to Increase Trailblaze Level

All content that gives Trailblaze EXP will show the same icon, making it easy to identify what to focus on. This means that, especially early on, the best way to gain Trailblaze EXP is to just do every mission that's offered to you. Each will net you lots of EXP, making it easier to get over certain roadblocks during the story

How to Reach Trailblaze Level 14 in Honkai: Star Rail

Trailblaze Level 14 will likely be the first main stopping point during the main story, happening after you complete the Trailblaze Mission "Long Wait for the Blade's Edge ". Thankfully, this can be remedied pretty quickly by completing any of the Calyx (Golden) missions you've unlocked. Each costs 10 Trailblaze Power (a resource that regenerates over time), while rewarding 50 Trailblaze EXP each. Doing a few runs of these, plus completing any side missions you still have in your list, will be enough to hit Trailblaze Level 14 and continue the main story.

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