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As a gacha game, Honkai: Star Rail Gacha Guide unsurprisingly hides a lot of its playable characters behind various banners, named in-game as "Warps". In our Honkai: Star Rail Gacha Guide, we'll go over how Warps work and whether you should spend your Stellar Jade.

How Honkai: Star Rail Gacha Works

Each Warp in Honkai: Star Rail offers up a selection of characters and Light Cones to add to your collection. Stellar Warp is known as a Regular Warp, which will always be available and rarely updated with new characters. Meanwhile, Event Warps offer certain characters or Light Cones at an increased pull rate (though this chance is still not very high). You can click "View Details" to see the odds of getting a specific thing, along with a record of what you've earned from that Warp so far. Pulling on Warps in Honkai: Star Rail requires Star Rail Passes or Star Rail Special Passes, depending on whether it's a Regular or Limited Warp.

What are Honkai: Star Rail Star Rail Passes

Star Rail Passes are what you use to pull on the Regular Warp, with Star Rail Special Passes being required for Event Warps. They can be earned via gameplay and ascension rewards, with 1 Pass equalling 1 character or Light Cone. If you don't have any Passes, you can purchase them using Stellar Jade. Stellar Jade is primarily used for Warps, though it has a number of less important uses. It's also possible to use real money to get Stellar Jade, by purchasing Oneiric Shards, then converting that into Stellar Jade.

A few extra Star Rail Passes and Star Rail Special Passes can be earned each month by using Undying Embers, a currency earned when pulling on any Warp. Access the Store, then head to the "Embers Exchange" tab. Here, you can grab 5 Star Rail Passes and Star Rail Special Passes for 90 Undying Embers, which resets at the start of the month.

The Butterfly on Swordtip Character Event Warp in Honkai: Star Rail.

How Pity Works in Honkai: Star Rail

Pity is how many pulls you have to do on a Warp before you're guaranteed a 5-star Character or Light Cone. For Honkai: Star Rail, the pity is set at 90 pulls per banner — meaning if you pull 89 times on a Warp without getting a 5-star, you're guaranteed it on the next pull no matter what. Once you get a 5-star the pity will reset, meaning that once again you'll get a 5-star within 90 pulls.

Event Warps have some extra quirks to them. For starters, if you pull a 5-star that isn't the character or Light Cone with an increased rate, the next time you pull a 5-star you're guaranteed to get it. Event Warps also feature the 90 pull pity, but this also carries over to the next banners that run — i.e. if you pull 50 times on an Event Warp and it changes to a new one, you'll still be 50 pulls towards the 90 pull pity.

Which Warps to Pull On in Honkai: Star Rail

When starting Honaki: Star Rail for the first time, you'll have access to the Departure Warp, a banner exclusive to new accounts. Unlike other Warps, you can only pull 10 times at once, though at a reduced cost of 8 Star Rail Passes. This is where you should spend all of your Passes to begin with, as you'll be guaranteed to get at least 1 5-star character in 50 pulls. From there, it's best to use any later Star Rail Passes on the Stellar Warp (the permanent banner), saving Stellar Jade for any limited banners.

At launch, you'll have access to "Butterfly on Swordtip" and "Brilliant Fixation" Event Warps, the former focusing on 5-star characters and the latter on 5-star Light Cones. Seele is the character that has an increased rate of being pulled, and is an excellent Quantum element single target attacker.

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