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One of the key parts of any life simulation game is the fellow villagers who would populate your place. Hokko Life is no different, starting with a small town of five villagers, two of which will always be unique to your game save. Of course, the question now is how do you attract more villagers to join your ideal town?

So here is a quick guide to recruiting more villagers in Hokko Life!

Finding Rosa the Realtor in Hokko Life

Hokko Life Villager Guide Rosa
Once you get Rosa in town, your well on your way to getting new villagers. 

After you complete all of the missions of the tutorial, you will meet a pig by the name of Rosa in Oma’s Inn. Rosa is a realtor from the big city looking for a change of pace, and after talking to her she will move into the town square map, setting up a realtor shop next to Moss’s general store. 

Note it will take 3 in-game days for her shop to be built, so you will need to be patient for a bit. However, once her shop is open, you will find Rosa there, willing to sell new houses to be placed across the meadow map north of the town square.

From here, you simply need to buy a house, which may take a while in of itself.

Hokko Life Villager House Shopping 

Hokko Life Villager Guide House Building
The 400 coin house here is the cheapest one you can get. 

Hokko Life is a slow-paced game, so it may take a while to gather up what you need to purchase a house. Simply put, you need to gather up enough coins, typically over 400-1120 coins, plus the materials needed to build the house. Materials needed include different combinations of wooden planks, stone slabs, brick and red wood planks. Some of these materials you need access to the mountains and forest area to obtain. 

Keep in mind that you can build a house for yourself at this point if you want to, but you also need to build a new house each time to invite villagers into town. When you have the necessary materials and money for a house, you simply talk to Rosa to purchase it. You then need to place the house location out yourself. After this is done, talk to Rosa to officially place the house, which will take three in-game days to be built.

After three days, you have a bare house ready for living! Well, not quite, you still have one more step. See, each house has a few requirements for them, specific furniture items that need to be crafted or bought, and then placed inside to make it livable. You can find the requirements on the sign in front of the house, simply click it and it will tell you what you need.

Courting Villagers in Hokko Life

Hokko Life Village Guide Moving In
Once you have a house, you need to pick someone to move in, including yourself! 

When all of these steps are finally complete, you can now convince a new villager to move in. Hokko Life has a decent cast of unique characters, ranging from cats to pigs to dogs and rabbits, to name a few. Each day during the week, there is a chance that a random villager will pop up at Oma’s Inn either at noon or in the evening hours. When these animals show up, you simply talk to them and ask them if they want to move in. You can ask them any time, but nothing will happen if you don’t have a house. 

Once you do have a new home though, you simply need to ask the villager to move in, then go to that house, click on the sign in the front of the house, which will then prompt you to move in the asked villager. Thankfully, every villager you ask is eligible to move in as well, so if you had a particular favorite you wanted to move into your town, they will be there for you. 

Hokko Life Villager Wrap Up

Hokko Life Villager Guide Building
It takes some time, but the reward is well worth it.

It’s a lot of steps at the end of the day, but despite it being a long and involved process, getting villagers to move in on Hokko Life is ultimately pretty rewarding. Since this is the type of game where you are building the entire village, house by house, from the ground up, actually being involved in the process every step of the way really does make your home away from home a place of your own.

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