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Are you wondering how to make money in Hokko Life? It's not too clear, but we know what you need to do! In this Hokko Life How to Make Money Guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know to bring in the big bucks!

How To Make Money in Hokko Life in the Early Game

Your first few days in Hokko Life will be spent getting the town set up; check out our Hokko Life Beginner's Guide to learn more. Making money in the early game, however, can be a challenge.

To start, you'll only have the axe as a tool. You may be tempted to chop down trees and sell wood, but don't do that just yet! Here's what you should do at the beginning:

  1. Unlock the Axe and chop down some trees.
  2. Gather as many grass tufts, seashells, and flower petals as you can.
  3. Progress through the beginner quests until you unlock the shovel.
  4. Replant every tree as you can. (Don't waste money on buying seeds!)
  5. Continue progressing until you unlock the ability to design a Bridge.
  6. Design and build Bridges to get access to the North and beyond; chop down and replant trees in this new area.
  7. Sell:
    • Most grass tufts
    • Most flower petals
    • Some wood — save 50–60 wood for crafting

You can make 100+ Gold with this method. The next question, however, is what to spend your money on — now it's time to reinvest!

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Hokko Life How to Make Money Guide – Bringing In Money Mid-Game

Once you've completed the quests outlined in our Beginner's Guide, you're probably going to want to buy more stuff. You can get a Fishing Rod for free, but I've found the Bug Net to be worth buying.

Bugs in Hokko Life can sell for as little as 2 Gold each; some of the rare ones sell for 30 Gold or more! You can simply run around catching bugs and get enough money to buy nearly anything you want in a very short time.

Another way to make money is through crafting — making a Design and then building it multiplies the value of an item by 2x or more. There isn't much to buy in the beginning save for new houses or the Bug Net, so you'll have more money than you'll need in practically no time at all!

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Hokko Life Money Exploits

The final item to address in our Hokko Life How to Make Money guide is the subject of exploits. I personally don't like using them, but some people might not feel differently.

Some Design items (such as the Single Chair) can sell for 100G or more, even if you only use a single piece to build it. Additionally, some trees will respawn after you leave an area — it's possible to get infinite wood (and therefore sell infinite Design items) with this exploit. Don't rely on these too much, though: these exploits will surely be fixed in a future update.

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