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In this Hokko Life Farming Guide, I'll teach you how to unlock farming and what's the best way to make money with farming in this life sim from Wonderscope and Team17.

How to Unlock Farming in Hokko Life

Your first step towards unlocking farming in Hokko Life is completing the tutorial. Once that's done, you're going to need to focus on moving in villagers — unfortunately, farming is a mid-game activity.

As time goes on (and more villagers join your town), you'll meet Aubrey at the inn. Aubrey invites you to visit the new farm that's north of the woods — you'll need to have built a bridge to get to the upper area of the map. You'll find the farm straight ahead and to the left past a gate that was previously closed off — now it's time to get started farming!

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Your farming journey begins once you've met Aubrey in the Inn. Best of all, you don't need to build a new house for Aubrey!

Hokko Life Farming Guide – Getting Started

The next part of this Hokko Life Farming Guide is all about getting started. Unfortunately, you can't just start planting crops right away — much like many other farming RPGs, you're going to have to help out Aubrey by clearing out the land!

Once the land is all clear, Aubrey will give you crafting recipes for two tools that you'll need to do farming:

  • Hoe – 3 Wooden Plank, 3 Steel
  • Watering Can – 6 Steel

As you can see from the descriptions, these tools will require Steel. That means that you won't be able to start farming until you've unlocked the mines.

Once you have the Hoe and Watering Can in hand, it's time to get started! Aubrey will give you six seeds to get started — simply use the Hoe to till some dirt, plant the seeds on the tilled earth, and then water them. You'll have to water the seeds every day to ensure that they grow, and then you can harvest them! (Fruit trees, thankfully, do not have to be watered like other crops).

Crops such as blueberries and tomatoes do not continue to grow throughout the season, sadly — all crops are harvested once and once only. The sole exception is fruit trees: they'll keep giving you fruit as long as they're in season. That's pretty much everything you need to know for Hokko Life farming!

Hokko Life farming guide breaking rocks
You'll have to clean up the farm before you can actually use it!

Hokko Life Farming Tips

Here are some Hokko Life farming tips to keep in mind!

  • Crops can only grow and be harvested during their associated season — keep this in mind when planting!
  • Crops can be planted on the Farm and in the Meadow. Fruit Trees can be planted on the Farm, the Meadow, and the grassy parts of the Beach.
  • Trees can grow at any time, but they will only bear fruit during their associated season(s).
  • Crops are planted once and harvested, but trees will remain after you shake them for fruit. That makes trees an excellent long-term investment.
  • Most crops are not a good source of income for the amount of work involved. Fruit trees, however, can be a good source of passive income.

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Hokko Life Crop Prices

Crop Spring Summer Fall Winter Grow Time (Days) Seed Price Sale Price
Asparagus       7 14 25
Aubergine     9 26 46
Beetroot     9 20 34
Blueberry       11 26 55
Broccoli       10 22 46
Brussel Sprout       10 22 46
Cabbage 7 14 18
Carrot     6 14 22
Chard     4 20 34
Chilli Pepper       10 22 46
Corn     8 20 34
Daikon     5 14 19
Grape     9 18 34
Kale     8 20 37
Onion   8 22 34
Pineapple       13 30 66
Potato   7 14 22
Pumpkin       13 30 66
Rhubarb       6 13 25
Strawberry     6 14 22
Tomato       4 12 19
Watermelon       13 30 66
Wheat       5 12 19

Hokko Life Fruit Tree Prices

Tree Spring Summer Fall Winter Grow Time (Days) Seed Price Sale Price
Apple     9 120 6
Cherry       10 104 12
Lemon     6 46 4
Orange     6 46 4
Peach       10 104 12
Pear     8 120 5

Hokko Life Flower and Grass Prices

Flower/Grass Grow Time (Days) Seed Price Sale Price
Blue Flower 3 5 2 (Blue Petals)
Brown Flower 3 5 2 (Brown Leaves)
Grass 3 5 2 (Grass Tuft)
Green Flower 3 5 2 (Green Leaves)
Purple Flower 3 5 2 (Purple Petals)
Red Flower 3 5 2 (Red Petals)
Yellow Flower 3 5 2 (Yellow Petals)

Hokko Life Tree and Bush Prices

Tree/Bush Grow Time (Days) Seed Price Sale Price
Conifer Tree (Wood) 6 4 1 (Wooden Log)
Mahogany Tree (Red Wood) 6 6 3 (Red Wood Log)
Bush 3 5 3 (Small Bush)

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