Hogwarts Legacy Portrait In A Pickle Quest Guide

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Hogwarts Legacy Portrait In A Pickle Quest Guide

Some quests in Hogwarts Legacy give you choices on how they play out, and the Portrait In A Pickle quest is one of them. Ferdinand Pratt is in the Library ranting and raving about how their frame has been stolen. They tell you that an unruly child named Astoria Crickett has paid off a few bandits to steal their frame, and asks you to retrieve it and put it back into the Three Broomsticks where it belongs. You will need to have at least the Level II Alohomora spell in order to complete this quest. 

In this Hogwarts Legacy Portrait In A Pickle quest guide, we will discuss where to find the quest, where to locate Ferdinad's frame, and the choices you can make once you retrieve it. 

Hogwarts Legacy Portrait In A Pickle Quest Walkthrough

The quest is pretty straightforward, but quite funny at the end depending on what choice you make when you find the frame. To begin the quest, head to the Library Floo Flame located in the Library Annex area on the Hogwarts Map. You will see the side quest marker on the map once there, so it's easy to find Ferdinand Pratt's frame. Speak with him on the back wall of the library, and they will inform you about what has happened and what they would like you to do. 

The quest will take you from the Library to the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade to speak with the student who allegedly stole the frame in the first place,  Astoria Crickett. They tell you they did pay off some bandits to steal the frame because Ferdinand constantly tells the Headmaster lies to get students in trouble, so Astoria wanted payback. Once you finish speaking with her, you will need to head to the Floo Flame in the Marunweem Ruins. If you don't have this fast-travel point, simply mark it as a waypoint on your map and travel to the closest Floo Flame and fly to this one. The Marunweem Ruins can be found in the far southern area of the map, just under the Poidsear Coast.

There are quite a few angry bandits to fight off to get to the frame, but nothing too difficult. Once you have vanquished the bandits, run over to where the Merlin Trial is located on the ground above the ruins. Keep running to the back end of the ruins until you see a staircase leading underground. 

Hogwarts Legacy Portrait In A Pickle Quest Guide

Take the staircase, and there will be a locked door you will need to use Alohomora on to open. At the back right side of the room, you will not only see Ferdinand's portrait, but you will hear them yelling at you to hurry up and take them back to "where they belong".

This is where you are given a choice. You can either be kind to the frame and bring them back to the Three Broomsticks or you can take them to the Hogs Head since they have been quite rude since you took their quest. We chose the Hogs Head because they were quite mean to us as we finished their quest for them. The choice doesn't necessarily matter and won't change the rewards or outcome of the quiet, but the end is quite funny when you leave him in the rough bar in Hogsmeade. 

Bring the frame to whatever location you choose to leave them in, and the quest will finish automatically! 

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