Hi-Fi Rush Track 5 Collectibles Guide: Breakin’ Out

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Hi-Fi Rush Track 5 Collectibles Guide: Breakin’ Out

Hi-Fi Rush is a new game from Tango Gameworks that puts players in control of Chai. Chai is a rocker who due to some medical malpractice has woken up with a metal arm and a music player stuck in his heart. This gives him all kinds of musical abilities but it has also put a target on his back. As he makes his way through this colorful world to try to escape it's not just robots that you'll be facing, there are also plenty of collectibles to pick up. In this Hi-Fi Rush Track 5 Collectible Guide, we'll go through where to get all of the collectibles in Track 5 of Hi-Fi Rush.

You won't be able to obtain all of the collectibles on your first playthrough of this level as certain locations will only become available to you as you obtain more party members and unlock more abilities. Each of these collectibles is a part of a whole bonus that will raise your maximum health, maximum reverb, or will even give you a whole Health Tank that will automatically give you back full health after you've lost all your current health. Each of these items is extremely important as you take on more difficult challenges throughout the game, even more so if you're trying to beat the game on any of the hardest difficulties!

Hi-Fi Rush Track 5 Collectibles Guide: Breakin’ Out 

The collectibles will be listed in the order that they appear in the level so you can start at the top of the list and work your way through. If you happen to spot any collectibles that we have missed feel free to drop a comment below and we'll check it out!


  • Life Gauge Piece #1
Life Gauge Piece #1

When you break out of the prison cell, you will go straight and take a right through the doorway. From there you will see several rotating platforms to jump onto, take the first one, get across to the second rotating platform, and follow it around almost to the back. You will then see a platform above you as you rotate around. The piece is on that platform at the back.


  • Attack Card
Attack Card

After the first boss fight, on the platform above the magnetic pull. It is in plain sight and cannot be missed, as you have to come up here to progress.


  • Locked Door
Locked Door

In the room with the Robot, prior to entering the first node room. When you first walk in, to your right there is a bunch of machines, jump on top of them and jump up onto the ledge where you see the big red button. Doing the right sequence of moves will unlock the door.



  • Gold Statue #1
Gold Statue 1

Behind the locked door, follow the path around and it will be in plain sight. 


  • Broken Armstrong Circuit #1
Broken Armstrong Circuit #1

When you enter the secon node room (if you took the right-hand side door first) to your left, behind some barrels, you will find the circuit.

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