Hi-Fi Rush Track 4 Collectibles Guide: Less Budget, More Problems

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Hi-Fi Rush is a new game from Tango Gameworks that puts players in control of Chai. Chai is a rocker who due to some medical malpractice has woken up with a metal arm and a music player stuck in his heart. This gives him all kinds of musical abilities but it has also put a target on his back. As he makes his way through this colorful world to try to escape it's not just robots that you'll be facing, there are also plenty of collectibles to pick up. In this Hi-Fi Rush Track 4 Collectible Guide we'll go through where to get all of the collectibles in Track 4 of Hi-Fi Rush.

You won't be able to obtain all of the collectibles on your first playthrough of this level as certain locations will only become available to you as you obtain more party members and unlock more abilities. Each of these collectibles is a part of a whole bonus that will raise your maximum health, maximum reverb, or will even give you a whole Health Tank that will automatically give you back full health after you've lost all your current health. Each of these items are extremely important as you take on more difficult challenges throughout the game, and even more so if you're trying to beat the game on any of the hardest difficulties!

Hi-Fi Rush Track 4: Less Budget, More Problems Collectibles

The collectibles will be listed in the order that they appear in the level so you can start at the top of the list and work your way through. If you happen to spot any collectibles that we have missed feel free to drop a comment below and we'll check it out!

  • Broken Armstrong Circuit #1
Broken Armstrong Circuit #1

Right after the smashable door (you will use Macaron to open that breakable wall to enter) Walk into the room, directly down the hall to the left and behind the desk you will see the chip.


  • Vlog #1: Staffing Allocation Complaint
Vlog #1: Staffing Allocation Complaint

Right after the smashable doorway (just like the chip) , the vlog will be directly opposite of the chip on the desk. It is easily spotted once you enter the room.


  • Vlog #2: Auto-Saved Private Message
Vlog #2

Right before the second breakable wall within the volcanic area. Across from the green breakable wall, jump up onto the two rock platforms and it will be strraight ahead on the ground.


  • Broken Armstrong Circuit #2
Broken Armstrong Circuit #2

Behind the cardboard Kale cutout, after you take the zipline up to the top of the ramp. You will run straight ahead toward the cut out and knock it out of the way. Then its straight ahead on the floor.


  • Life Gauge Piece #1
Life Gauge Piece #1

On top of the crates directly above where the 2nd Broken Arstrong Circuit, you will need to run towards the stacks of multicolored crates, jump on top of them, then on top of the platform where the piece is. It is very easy to see once you are on top of the crates.


  • Broken Armstrong Circuit #3
Broken Armstrong Circuit #3

As you walk into the AR Labs, there will be a round about where you can see a robot straight ahead. You need to walk towards the robot to the back of the lab and take a right. Here you will see the chip directly on top of what looks to be a bunk bed.


  • Graffiti

After you take the rock platform to the top of the area (a lava geyser shoots a rock super high for you to reach the top of this area). Go straight then to the left towards the signs that say “Dangeous area: KEEP OUT”. 


  • Gold Statue #1
Gold Statue #1

As you enter the lava room after the second virtual reality room, there will be a set of green pipes to follow. To the left of those pipes, you will see a rock platform with the Statue on it.


  • Broken Armstrong Circuit #4
Broken Armstrong Circuit #4

After you use the magnetic pulls to get to the breakable wall, you will land on a platform right in front of the breakable wall. If you turn to face the direction you just came from, you will see the chip straight ahead. Jump on the crates to the left of you, run and double jump straight ahead onto the next platform, double jump again to the set of black pipes, and jump one more time to the thin pipe ahead.

This will most likely take a few tries to get the jumps timed right. You can use the magnetic pull system to get back to the breakable wall quicker than jumping back.


  • Broken Piece of Health Tank
Broken Piece of Health Tank

After the breakable wall, you will be on top of some large pipes. You can see the tank right as you enter. Take a right from the doorway, follow the pipes and jump into the middle where the tank is located. There is no floor, so if you miss, you cannot get back up to redo this.


  • Vlog #3: Development Mindfulness Check
Vlog #3: Development Mindfulness Check

On the small table to the left of the door to pass through to the next challenge room. This is in the same room as the Broken Piece of Health Tank.


  • Life Gauge Piece #2
Life Gauge Piece #2

After the zipline in the final volcano area (After Zanzo pops up as a hologram and puts a volcano down for you to dodge) you will see a pathway to the left. Take it, and the piece is right on top of a platform.

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