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Chai defeating the first boss of Hi-Fi Rush

Today we had the first Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct and while the general population was warned not to expect any surprises it seems that there was one in tow. Today Tango Gameworks showed off and have released a new rhythm action game Hi-Fi Rush. In this Hi-Fi Rush Guide Hub, we'll be going over a complete list of our guides, as well as some tips and tricks to hit the ground running.

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Make sure you're hitting those beats

A big aspect of Hi-Fi Rush isn't just defeating the enemies, but timing your button presses to the beat. If you manage to do this you'll be able to score more combos which will in turn lead to things like Special Attacks.

All of your attacks will hit on the beat regardless so there's no benefit to mashing the attack button.

If you need some extra assistance hitting that beat you can use different elements of the world as a metronome to help you out. This can mean that you look at the dancing elements of the overworld, or at your cat friend Bob who pulses to the beat. If you still find you're having issues then you can go into the settings and enable the beat to be displayed on a bar on the lower screen.

Hi-Fi Rush battle initiating

How many worlds are there in Hi-Fi Rush?

As Chai seeks to take on the corporation he'll have to face off against the five department bosses. Each of these bosses has their own themed world and soundtrack that will fit their style. After completing each department you'll have to face off against the boss. The bosses are:

  • Rekka
  • Korsica
  • Roquefort
  • Mimosa
  • Zanzo
  • Kale


How do I power up Chai?

Throughout the game you'll earn bolts as currency. With these bolts you can go to the shop and buy yourself upgrade chips. At the start of the game you'll only be able to equip a few of these but as you progress through the game there are opportunities to increase the number of Upgrade Chips that you can use at a time. 


How do I get past the numbered doors, cracked doors, and fire doorways?

As you progress through the game Chai will meet a number of different characters. Each has their own unique abilities that you can't just use in combat, but can also be used in the world to gain access to new locations.

The party members that you unlock and their abilities are as follows: 

  • Peppermint - Unlocked after Track 1 - Can destroy barriers
  • Macaron - Still to be unlocked - Can destroy shields


What are the Collectibles in Hi-Fi Rush?

While you make your way through all of the Track of Hi-Fi Rush you'll run into a number of collectibles. Some will increase your stats while others will simply offer more insight into this strange world you've found yourself in. The collectibles are as follows:

  • Life Gauge - This can be purchased at the shop, or come segmented into 4 pieces. With each full Life Gauge that you collect you'll increase the maximum health of Chai
  • Electric Reverb Core - These can be purchased at the shop, or come segmented into 4 pieces. With each full Electric Reverb Core you collect you will increase your maximum Reverb
  • Health Tank - These can be purchased at the shop, or some segmented into 5 pieces. With each full Health Tank you'll be able to recharge Chai's health fully if it is depleted.
  • Vandelay Vlog - These are datapads that will be scattered around the world. These will give you more information about the world and its inhabitants. There are 74 Vlogs in total across the game.
  • Graffiti - There are 24 of these in total

Of these collectibles, the Life Gauge, Electric Reverb Core, and Health Tank pieces can be viewed on the pause screen. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to .

A collectible from Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush FAQ

Is Hi-Fi Rush on PlayStation?

No, unfortunately at this time Hi-Fi Rush is only available for Xbox Series X|S, and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam.


What Accessibility settings are in Hi-Fi Rush?

Hi-Fi Rush has the following accessibility settings available to players:

  • User Interface
    • Font Size - Small/Large
  • Graphics
    • Colorblind Mode - Deuteranopia/Protonopia/Tritanopia/Off
    • Strength Slider
  • Cutscene Subtitles
    • Cutscene Subtitles - On/Off
    • Cutscene Speaker Name - On/Off
    • Cutscene Subtitle Background - On/Off
    • Cutscene Subtitle Background Transparency - Slider
  • Context Subtitles
    • Context Subtitles - On/Off
  • Action Voice Subtitles
    • Action Voice Subtitles - On/Off
  • Gameplay
    • Auto-Action Mode - On/Off
    • Single Key Rhythm Game - On/Off
    • Rhythm Visualization (808) - Three Modes


Who is on the Hi-Fi Rush Soundtrack?

As well as original tracks the following bands are part of the Hi-Fi Rush Soundtrack:

  • Nine Inch Nails
  • The Black Keys
  • The Prodigy
  • The Joy Formidable
  • Number Girl
  • Wolfgang Gartner
  • Zwan

Hi-Fi Rush Boss Battle

Does the difficulty matter?

While you can play the game on any difficulty level it's important to note that not only is there an achievement tied to completing the game on the hard difficulty, but there are also achievements for completing the game on Very Hard and Rhythm Master difficulty.


How long does Hi-Fi Rush take to beat?

At the moment we're still pouring through the game but as soon as we have a good idea we'll let you know!


Can I pet the cat?

Yes, you can pet Bob the cat. You'll be able to do this once you're in your hideout. You'll earn the Achievement You Can Pet The Cat!


How do I return to the Hideout in Hi-Fi Rush?

After Track 1 you gain access to the Hideout. Here is where you can buy new attacks and abilities, train, and check in on the Hall of Fame. If you're in a stage after Track 1 you can quit to the menu, and then reload your save. This will automatically take you back to the Hideout. From there you can interact with the couch and select "Continue Stage" to return to the Track you were just playing



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