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Screenshot of Shane using his stapler to weld a piece of metal to the chapter 2 plane in Hazel Sky

Hazel Sky is a heartfelt tale of Shane, the aspiring engineer, who has to complete three challenges to be honored as a full-time engineer for his city. Each challenge becomes more complicated, and finding the materials needed to rebuild each plane per chapter becomes arduous. While the game itself is easy to grasp, figuring out where each material is located and how to get to it can be frustrating. Fortunately, we've got a Hazel Sky Walkthrough - let's take a look at how to rebuild each plane.

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Screenshot of the Chapter One Plane in Hazel Sky flying through the sky.

Chapter One

The first chapter makes everything quite simple, as they want players to learn the basics of the game quickly. To rebuild the first plane, you will begin by locating your stapler gun on the first floor where you spawn in. Once you grab your stapler, you will need to head to the second floor of the building and locate the blueprint for the first plane. 

Blueprint on the table chapter one Hazel Sky

The blueprint will be in plain sight on the table as you enter the second floor. Pick up the blueprint, and open it up to reveal what materials you will need to rebuild the first plane. The materials listed for Chapter one are:

  • Wood
  • Cloth
  • Coal
Chapter One Blueprint Hazel Sky

On the second floor, you will need to turn away from the table the blueprint was on and run straight underneath the next set of stairs, where you will see a box you can interact with. You will need to grab and push the box up against the wall directly underneath the painting in order to grab onto the pipes above. 

Box against the wall under painting Hazel Sky

Jump onto the box you just moved, and grab onto the pipe. You will then need to shimmy to the left and grab onto the sequence of pipes to reach the platform on the other side. Another box will be present on that platform that you can also interact with. You will need to push the box off the platform, causing it to smash open onto the floor below, revealing the cloth necessary for rebuilding the plane. 

Pushing the box off of the platform to reveal the cloth for the plane

You will then need to leap off of the platform to the ground below, as the game does not allow you to shimmy back over to the other side. Once you jump down, the cloth will be on the ground below the platform from which you pushed the box. 

Cloth within the wreckage of the box for rebuilding the plane

Pick up the cloth, and head up the stairs all the way to the third floor where the plane is located. From there, you will need to attach the cloth to the plane using your stapler. To do this, bring the cloth directly to the wing of the plane, and release it where the dot prompts you to. Then, use your stapler to attach it to the wing. 

Attaching the cloth to the wing with the stapler in Hazel Sky

Once the cloth is attached, the rest of the materials are located on the third floor and are relatively easy to spot. 

Coal and Wood Hazel Sky chapter one

Bring the wood to the designated area on the plane and attach it with your stapler, then bring the coal designated spot on the back of the plane and release it to fill the compartment up. Then, hop into your fully rebuilt plane and fly to the next island. 

Chapter two plane in the sky

Hazel Sky Chapter Two

This plane is a little more complicated than the previous one, as the materials are not as easily accessible. Each material will be in a completely different spot on the island, and you will need to use your wits to locate each one. The required materials for the Chapter 2 plane are: 

  • Metal 
  • Wood 
  • Coal

First, you will need to locate the blueprint, which is in the garage directly to your left as you spawn in. Run over to the chains to the right side of the garage door, and open it up. Inside straight ahead, will be a table the blueprint is on. 

Chapter 2 blueprint on the table

Equip the blueprint and exit the garage. You will need to locate the well towards the mine and upgrade your stapler in order to rebuild the Chapter 2 plane. Once your stapler is upgraded, head over to the mine and locate the shed in front of it. You will need to equip a flashlight in order to see inside the mine, which will be found inside the shed. 

Flashlight located inside of the shed in front of the mine

Equip the flashlight and locate the dynamite on the ground to the right of the entrance to the mine. It will be straightforward to spot, as it is surrounded by boxes full of dynamite. Pick the explosives up and place them on top of the rocks, touching the fuse, in front of the collapsed mine shaft. 

Dynamite on top of the rocks in Hazel Sky

Turn around and run to the detonator, where you will push it down to cause the dynamite to explode, revealing the mine shaft where the coal is located. 

Detonater for the mine shaft

Once the mine shaft opens up, run all the way to the back, where on the far left-hand side next to the manual mine cart, you will see a bundle of coal on the ground. Pick it up, and place it into the compartment on the back of the mine cart. 

Coal in the mine chapter two Hazel Sky

Next, you will board the mine cart and ride it down the tracks to your plane. Dismount the cart, and carry the coal over to the coal compartment of the plane, and load it in. 

Loading Coal into the plane compartment Chapter 2 Hazel Sky

Next, you will need to gather the metal for the plane. This step is a little more complicated than the others, as it requires quite a few steps to locate. First, you will need to head over to the ship floating in the water, directly to the left side of your plane. Once there, you must climb onto a rock, swing on the rope, and board the ship.

Metal location and how to get to it, chapter 2 hazel sky

Once the plane has been blasted by the cannon, you will need to head up to the structure it was on and climb up to the top. 

Structure the metal is located on, hazel sky

Once you reach the top, you will notice a box that can be pushed off of the platform. Push it off, and it will begin to slide down the cliffside towards your plane. When you do this, it will trigger oil to start leaking from the previous plane on the platform. You will need to quickly jump off of the platform and slide down with the box in order to avoid blowing yourself up. The box will hit a tree at the bottom of the cliffside, destroying it and opening it up to reveal the metal needed for your plane. 

Shane sliding down the cliffside with the box containing metal

Pick up the metal pieces, and bring them to the designated spot on your plane. Weld the metal to your plane with your upgraded stapler. 

Metal for your plane within the box

The wood is last and is directly next to the plane's right-hand side on the lowest platform. Simply pick it up and attach it to your plane. The plane will then be fully rebuilt and ready to fly to the next island!

Wood for your plane chapter 2 Hazel Sky

Chapter 3

The final chapter in Hazel Sky is the most difficult in terms of locating the parts needed to rebuild your plane. There are a few new mechanics you will run into during this final test, as well as several steps you need to take to get keys to unlock certain areas to obtain even more keys that will give you access to fuses. First off, you will need to locate the blueprint for the plane as usual. The blueprint is located in the building you will be facing when you spawn in, to the left of the train on the table. 

Screenshot of the Chapter 3 Blueprint in Hazel Sky

While the list of necessary resources appears to be quite easy, locating and figuring out how to turn on the oil is inherently difficult. You will also notice that the blueprint states that the wings of the plane, as well as the engine, are scattered throughout the island; this is where the train comes into play. The materials needed for this plane are: 

  • Metal 
  • Oil

Let's start with locating the wings and engine. You will need to hop into the train's cabin, where it will prompt you to hold the left mouse button down while using the "W" key to move the train forward and the "S" key to move the train backward. Once you are inside the train, begin moving it in the forward direction. Soon, you will come across a small platform on the right-hand side of the tracks, with a manually controlled magnet. You will need to line the train up with the magnet to load the engine onto the train. 

Chapter 3 first platform with the engine of the plane

As you step onto the platform from the train, you will notice a fuse that is glowing orange on the ground to the left of the platform the engine is located on. Walk up to the fuse and pick it up. Bring the fuse over to the designated spot for it, the fuse box, which is directly to the right of the magnets control box. There is also an arrow on the ground in front of the fuse box to help guide you in the right direction.

Fuse box and control box for the first platform in Chapter 3, Hazel Sky

Once the fuse is in place, you can use the controls to man the magnet. You will see a metal box almost directly underneath the magnet. Use the controls to lower the magnet onto the box and pick it up. You will then need to move the box to the right, into the designated area on the ground below the platform the engine is on. You will use this box to climb up onto the higher platform and break the engine free from the rubble it has been trapped under, causing it to tumble down to the ground below and within reach of the magnet. 

Plane engine atop the platform, chapter 3 Hazel Sky

Once you have pushed the plane engine to the platform below, jump back down and regain control of the magnet. Use it to pick up the engine, and move it over to the designated spot on the train. You will need to make the engine fit into the spot on the train like a puzzle piece, using the "E" key to roate the engine into the right direction. When the engine is almost completely in place, the game will auto-release it from the magnet and onto the train. Once it is safely connected to the train, release the controls of the magnet and get back into the train's cabin to head to the next objective.

The second objective along the right side of the train tracks will be one of the plane's wings. As you approach the second platform, you will notice there are Bison on the tracks, and your train will automatically come to a stop. You will need to move the Bison off of the tracks to reach the next objective, which can be a little tricky.

Objective 2 in Chapter 3 Hazel Sky

Once the Bison have been safely moved from your path, move the train up to the second platform where the next magnet is. The second fuse is located directly to the left side of the train in a ditch where one of the Bison was laying; this one will be glowing yellow. Grab the fuse and load it into the fuse box, just as you did for the first platform. Man the magnet controls once more to lift the plane's wing onto the train in the same manner as the first objective. Once it is in place, you can move on to the third and final platform that contains the second wing of the plane. 

The final platform is a little bit trickier than the rest. You will need to obtain a key aboard the ship across from the third platform to obtain a divers helmet to reach the third fuse. Once you have gotten the divers helmet, you will need to enter the elevator that will bring you beneath the water's surface, located on the far right side of the boat. Lower yourself into the water, where you will be facing a locked shed beneath the water. 

Locked Shed beneath the water, housing the fuse for the final objective, Hazel Sky chapter 3.

Your character will walk much slower with the helmet on, as it weighs Shane down in the water to allow him to walk the ocean floor freely. Be aware that your helmet has a limited amount of oxygen, which you will know is running low when the light on the top of the helmet turns from solid green to flashing yellow. Walk over to the shed, and use the code to unlock the locker that houses the final purple fuse. The code is located on the uppermost wooden plank covering the locker.

Code for the locker that houses the final fuse, Hazel Sky, Chapter 3

Once you have unlocked the locker within the shed, you will need to pick the fuse up and carry it all the way back over to the elevator that you rode down on. Switch the elevator on to take it back up to the surface, where Shane will remove his helmet on his own. Pick up the fuse and run it off of the ship and back to the third and final platform where the magnet and last plane wing are located. 

Final fuse for Hazel Sky chapter 3

Once the fuse is loaded into the fuse box, place the second wing onto the train just as you have done before in the previous stages. Once that is done, re-enter the cabin of the train and pull it back into the station where the disassembled plane is located, and where the train originally started from. 

Next, you must get the oil back up and running to fill the plane. To do this, you will need to exit the station, going towards the first platform where you got the engine. As you follow the tracks, you will see an oil rig located in the water to the right-hand side of the tracks. 

Screenshot of the oil rig in Chapter 3 Hazel Sky

Swim over to the rig, and locate the pillar on the left-hand side. It will be the one furthest to the back on the left. Dive down underwater, and swim to the ocean's floor in front of the pillar, where you will see a long cord that has been severed. This cord connects the rig to the pillar, which gives it power. Reconnect the cord, and swim back over to the pillar, where you will see a button. Push the button, making it go from red to green. 

Screenshot of the severed cord and pillar, Hazel Sky chapter 3

Once you have successfully turned the power to this pillar back on, you will need to swim straight ahead from the button of this pillar to the other pillar located slightly to the left of the rig. There will be another red button you will need to push to give full power back to the rig. Push the button and swim from that pillar towards a broken set of bars located directly under the rig. 

All three locations of the second pillar, rig, and set of broken bars
Location of the second pillar, the pillars power button, and the broken set of bars for players to swim through.

Once you swim through the bars, you will come to a set of stairs that leads to an elevator. Take the elevator up to the top of the rig. Once there, you will notice the oil is spilling out of the pipes, and that a few seem to be missing. There will be red pipes on the ground that fit the missing pipelines. Once again, use the magnet controls to pick up the pipes, and fit them into their matching slots. 

Magnet on top of the rig with missing pipes

Once all of the missing pipes are in the correct place, the oil flows through the pipes as it should, and will begin filling the plane on its own. Head over towards the light board on the platform, where there will be a break in the bars. You can leap from the platform into the water below and swim back to shore. Once back to shore, run back into the station where the train and plane are located. Using the magnet, remove the parts from the train and into the corresponding areas on the plane (this will be marked on a diagram on the floor if you get confused about where everything should go). 

Once done, your plane will be rebuilt and ready to fly back to Gideon! Congratulations, you are now a full-fledged engineer. You may not need them anymore, but here's all of our guides for Hazel Sky:

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