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Upgraded stapler Hazel Sky Chapter 2

While playing Hazel Sky, players will quickly learn that the stapler is their most prized possession. The stapler is used throughout the entire game to attach missing pieces of each plane to make it to the next island and, eventually, to Gideon. Though currently, there is only one upgrade available for the stapler, it can be pretty challenging to figure out where to go and how to do it. Here is a quick guide on how to upgrade your stapler during Hazel Sky Chapter 2.

Where is The Upgraded Stapler in Hazel Sky?

Once you spawn on the second island, you will notice a well off to the left-hand side, in the direction of the mine. To enter the well, you will have to jump up onto the boards that keep it closed off and run to the center of the wooden planks. The planks will give way, causing you to fall deep into the depths of the well. 

Screenshot of the Well near the mine in Hazel Sky chapter 2

Once you have hit the bottom, you will begin sliding down a cliffside towards some overly-spikey rocks. You must time your jump just right to make it over the rocks and onto the other side. Once you are on the other side, you will need to guide Shane along the pathway as he slides and avoid falling off the sides of the cliffs. When you reach the end of the first cliff, you will notice a set of boards that are being used as a makeshift ladder. You will need to once again time your jump just right and grab hold of the boards, avoiding falling to your death and having to restart the sequence all over again. 

Screenshot of the makeshift ladder players will need to grab hold of within the well, Hazel sky chapter 2

Once you have a grip on the ladder, climb to the top. Once at the top, you will see a rope dangling ahead for you to leap and grab onto. Grab onto the rope and swing across the cliff's gap to the other side, where you will begin sliding once more towards a building at the bottom of the well. Again, time the jump well to make it to the deck of the building below. 

Once you have made it to the deck, you will spot a green lockbox to the right-hand side of where you landed. You will need to use a key found on the dead body inside the building to open the box.

Screenshots of the body where the key is found and the mushroom inside of the lockbox

Once open, you will see a mushroom. Grab the mushroom, and eat it. This will cause Shane to have hallucinations allowing the code, 209, to be revealed on the chalkboard to the left of the dead body. 

Box the stapler upgrade is located in, Hazel Sky chapter 2

Behind the body will be a door with a number lock. You will need to open the door using the code from the chalkboard. Once the door is open, you will see yet another greenish box to the immediate right of the doorway. Open it up, and your new and improved stapler will be inside. 

You will then need to exit the well by diving into the water directly in front of the box your stapler was found in and swimming to the opening ahead. Once in the opening, use the "Space" bar to float up and out of the water and swim to shore.

You will now be able to progress further into the game with your upgraded stapler - check out more guides below:

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