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Bison on the train tracks in Chapter 3 Hazel Sky

Hazel Sky comes with various challenges, some proving to be more difficult than others. In Chapter 3, the challenges have become increasingly more difficult than in the previous chapters, and the Bison do a wonderful job at keeping you from gathering your planes materials. They decided to have a leisurely lay on the train tracks, forcing your train to come to a complete halt. To further progress, you will need to move them from the train tracks, which takes several steps. Here is how to do so with ease. 

How Do You Fill the Trough in Chapter 3 of Hazel Sky?

Trough and bell on the grass Hazel Sky chapter 3

Once you exit the train car, on the left-hand side, you will notice a trough and bell on the grass nearby where the Bison are laying. Don't just try to ring the bell, or one of the Bison will get up, walk to the tough, notice it's empty and shake its head at you in disgust. You will need to fill this trough with food to lure the Bison away from the tracks so that you may pass. 

To start, you will need to locate the windmill to the right of the trough. Run over to the underside of the windmill, where you will see a box that you can interact with. Move the box over to the side of the stacked boxes, allowing you to use it as a platform to scale the windmill. 

Box moved over to the stack of boxes under the windmill, hazel sky chapter 3

Climb up the boxes, and there will be a narrow path of planks you will need to balance and walk across to reach a ladder. Once you reach the ladder, climb up to the middle platform of the windmill. There, you will see a diagram on how to create the feed for the Bison. Directly across from this diagram is an elevator. Bring this elevator down to the ground. 

Bison feed diagram on the windmills middle platform

Next, you will need to head over to the vineyard, which is on the right-hand side of the trough, and the elevator, where you will see giant bunches of grape-like fruit growing. Walk over to one of the fruits, and grab hold to tear it from the vine. Once you have the fruit in hand, bring it over to the elevator and place it down. Move the elevator back up to the middle platform, and place the fruit near the compartment it will go into later on. Turn 180 degrees, where you will see a bucket sitting on the ground next to the desk. Pick up the bucket and place it in front of the funnel area where the fruit puree will come out. There is a spot on the ground that clearly shows where the bucket should go. 

Screesnhots of both the fruit compartment, and bucket locations Hazel Sky chapter 3

Once you have placed the bucket down, you will need to turn the feeder on by making the windmill functional again. To do so, turn to face the blades of the windmill, where you will see areas that you can jump onto and climb. Climb to the highest point of the blade, turn your character so that he is hanging one arm off towards the third and highest platform, then jump and grab onto the beam that is jutted outward. Shimmy across the beam and to the left, then jump from the beam to the platform above.

Screenshots of the Windmill blade, Beam to grab hold of and where to shimmy to the highest platform Hazel Sky chapter 3

Once you are on top of the platform, you will need to follow it to the back side of the windmill, where you will see more beams you need to use to shimmy across a gap in the floor. Jump up, shimmy across, and release on the other side.

Planks to Shimmy across to reach the inside of the windmill, Hazel Sky chapter 3

Continue following the path, and you will come to a door. Push the door open, where you will see the windmill gears have been stopped by a plank of wood. You will need to pull this wood plank free, and the gears will then begin to turn freely once more, starting the feed machine down below. 

Wooden plank preventing the gears of the windmill to turn freely, Hazel Sky chapter 3

Exit the inside of the windmill through the door you came in from, then leap from the break in the floor that you initially shimmied across. You will fall to the middle platform below, where you will need to run to the fruit you dropped by the compartment earlier. Make sure the bucket is in its correct place before you release the fruit into the compartment, or you will miss the bucket entirely and have to go back and pick more fruit.

Once the fruit has been ground up into a puree, you must pick up the bucket and bring it to the elevator. Bring the elevator back to ground level, pick up the bucket and bring it to the trough. Empty the bucket of feed into the trough, then run over to the bell located on the left side of the trough. Give it a few good rings, and one of the Bison will mozy on over to the trough to snoop around. Once the first Bison confirms there is feed present, the other Bison will slowly but surely make their way over to the trough as well.

Bison making their way to the trough to eat, removing them from the tracks for players to progress, Hazel Sky chapter 3

The Bison are no longer a hindrance, and you can now re-board your train to progress further into the game!


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