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In Supergiant Games' Hades, dear old dad keeps giving you such a hard time each time you try to run away from home, and it can be pretty frustrating—especially when all you really want to do is go see your mom. Families, right? Thank goodness the gods of Olympus are ready to lend a helping hand every now and then, along with the Infernal Arms Achilles is assisting you with. After “buying” all the weapons using Chthonic keys, you can unlock the Infernal Arms Hidden Aspects to nab the sentient killing machines’ secret forms and make your way out of Hell even sweeter.

How to Unlock the Spear Hidden Aspect in Hades

Before you can unlock any of the other hidden weapon aspects in Hades, you first need to unlock the one for the spear (Aspect of Guan Yu). Varatha the Eternal Spear holds a special place in Achilles’ heart, so you have to wait for him to give you the magic password or waking up phrase for the spear. 

hades infernal arms hidden aspects spear

Make sure that you purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor first, then reach the surface and face Hades using the spear (you’re not required to beat him with it). Then, buy one non-Zagreus aspect from each weapon using Titan Blood. Achilles should eventually give you the magic word to unlock the hidden aspect soon after. You only need to reveal this last aspect and not really buy it in order for the other ones to appear.

How to Unlock the Fists Hidden Aspect in Hades

I personally wanted to unlock the hidden aspect of the Twin Fists of Malphon next (Aspect of Gilgamesh). After investing five Titan Blood into the fists, you need to equip the fists and chance upon Asterius the Minotaur as a mini-boss alone in Elysium. He needs to acknowledge that you’re wearing the fists. Then, in your next run when you encounter him as a solo mini-boss again, he’ll give you the phrase, even if the fists are not equipped.

This won’t happen in the final boss battle of Elysium when he’s with Theseus, so make sure you pick the chamber exits with skull markings on them to increase your chances of running into him alone. 

hades infernal arms hidden aspects fists

How to Unlock the Sword, Shield, Bow, and Gun Hidden Aspects in Hades

Simply invest five Titan Blood into each weapon. Then comes the difficult part—you have to wait until dialogue from certain characters pop up, which, in Hades, always has a random element. You could spend forever trying to get the dialogue to trigger, or be lucky enough to have them pop up in your next run.

For the bow (Aspect of Rama), you need to speak with Artemis, who will give you the special phrase to wake up the hidden aspect of the bow. For the sword (Aspect of Arthur), it’s Nyx; for the shield (Aspect of Beowulf), it’s Chaos; and for the Adamant Rail (Aspect of Lucifer), it’s Zeus. You can certainly try to equip their respective keepsakes whenever you start an escape attempt just to give you a bit of an edge, and maybe they’ll show up sooner. 

hades infernal arms hidden aspects chaos

By the way, if you do something story-wise, then those conversations will happen first before any weapon-revealing dialogue appears. I had this particular problem when unlocking the sword and the gun, as I finished the true ending first (beating Hades 10 times). After that, all the characters ever really wanted to talk about was the ending of the story, so it took so darn long before the conversations regarding the weapons started popping up again.

So if you’re trying to unlock these aspects, make sure that you focus on them first and don’t do any story-related quests for a bit if you don’t want to be left hanging.

How to farm Titan Blood in Hades

All of this depends on how much Titan Blood you have initially, so the easiest way to farm Titan Blood is to increase your Heat level with each escape attempt using different weapons. Winning over the Furies will nab you a Titan Blood reward, so you don’t necessarily have to finish the whole escape attempt—although doing so will definitely help you win another Titan Blood reward from Hades himself, and maybe one you can buy from Charon’s shop in the Temple of Styx. 

I usually reserve all my Obols until the very last stage, just to make sure I have enough by the time I get to Charon’s final shop in case he has Titan Blood on sale. There’s a particularly useful Hermes boon called “Side Hustle” that helps you gain Obols each time you enter a new chamber—this will be especially effective in the Temple of Styx, where there are normally chambers upon chambers to enter before you can find the Satyr Sack for Cerberus. 

At the House of Hades, you can also wait around for the Wretched Broker to sell Titan Blood from the limited deals, or check your Fated List to see if there are any conditions you can complete to gain Titan Blood rewards. 

So, we hope this helps you unlock those hidden aspects to make your Hades runs even more hellishly exciting. Check out our other Hades guides right here too!

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