Hades Twin Fists Build Guide

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Hades Twin Fists Build

Escaping the House of Hades might not be easy on your first couple tries, but Zagreus isn’t willing to give up. Neither should you. If you really want to nail a successful run with the Twin Fists of Malphon, we’ve got you covered with this Hades build guide.

Below you’ll find two different Twin Fists builds: One focuses on speed, while the other focuses on damage. Theoretically, Hades is robust enough that you could build toward both if you have great RNG, but focusing on one or the other will yield greater results.

Hades Twin Fists Builds - The Barry Allen (Movement Speed, Dodge)

Hades Twin Fists Build
You'll want the Aspect of Zagreus for this Hades build.

This Hades Twin Fists build is all about Movement Speed and Dodge Chance, and Hermes is going to be your best friend. You can only grab three of his boons throughout any given run (if you're lucky with Chiron's last shop), but if you can get the three below, you'll be set. Unfortunately, his keepsake doesn’t guarantee his appearance, but you’ll want to equip the Lambent Plume Keepsake throughout the entire run.

If you can finish stages quickly enough, the keepsake will give you more than 20% bonus movement speed and dodge chance by the time you meet Hades. That should be fairly easy to accomplish, especially in Tartarus and the fiery pits of Asphodel, but that’s only the beginning.

Stack that bonus with the Greater Haste boon and you’ll likely have more than 50% movement speed by the end. Then there’s the coup de grace: the Rush Delivery boon. At Epic tier, it applies your full bonus speed as bonus damage; in other words, that’s more than 50% bonus damage on a blindingly fast Zagreus.

The Greater Evasion boon synergizes with the keepsake too, providing you more defense with extra dodge chance. Stack it all with the Aspect of Zagreus on the Twin Fists and you’ll almost never be hit.

From here, you can theoretically build damage in whatever way you like most, but we’d recommend crit chance from Artemis’s Deadly Strike for this Hades build. Pairing with Hermes’s Swift Strike, if the above three don't appear, will give you an absurd attack speed. The more punches you throw, the more likely they’ll crit.

Finally, the last piece of the pie is maximizing your dash. Grab Artemis’s Hunter Dash (or Hermes’s Greatest Reflex, if the above don't appear). The first will give your dash strike way more damage, while the latter lets you dash way more. The Breaching Cross and Rolling Knuckle weapon upgrades double down on your dash-attack damage, too.

The goal of this build is to move—and attack—as quickly as possible. If you never stop moving, you’ll be an unstoppable hurricane of destruction.

Hades Tartarus
You'll breeze through Tartarus like it's nothing.

Aspect - Aspect of Zagreus

Attack - Deadly Strike (Artemis)

Dash - Hunter Dash (Artemis)

Best Boons - Greater Haste (Hermes), Greater Evasion (Hermes), Rush Delivery (Hermes)

Suggested/Backup Boons - Swift Strike (Hermes), Hyper Sprint (Hermes), Greatest Reflex (Hermes), Pressure Points (Artemis)

Best Keepsake - Lambent Plume Keepsake (Hermes)

Hades Twin Fists Builds - Drunken Beatdown (Hangover, Knockback)

Hades Dionysus Boons
Dionysus's boons will come in handy for this Hades build.

So you want to do a stupid amount of damage in a wide area. The Twin Fists of Malphon probably aren’t the first Infernal Arms that spring to mind for that goal, but the beauty of Hades is that almost anything is possible.

This build centers around a powerful one-two punch. First, your Drunken Strike stacks Hangover on enemies for some damage over time. Your special, bolstered by the Tempest Flourish, knocks enemies away, ideally into a wall, for some crowd control. The extra Razor Shoals boon marks enemies with another damage-over-time effect, too.

Where this Hades build really shines is in Dionysus’s other boons. Peer Pressure automatically spreads Hangover, tagging more foes with the constant damage. While surrounded by drunken enemies, Bad Influence boosts your damage, and Numbing Sensation slows opponents down to effectively give you extra mobility.

On the Poseidon side of the spectrum, Typhoon’s Fury is the star of the show. You’ll want to position yourself so the enemy you’re bashing is always between you and a wall. After you’re done stacking some Hangover on them, smack them away with your special, and they’ll take bonus damage when they hit the wall.

For the Twin Fists themselves, you’ll want to pick up the Draining Cutter upgrade for some survivability. Your Special will start doing a lot of damage with all the wall bouncing, giving you ample health back on every kill. Picking up another upgrade to boost your Special would be good, too. We recommend the Explosive Upper or Flying Cutter, depending on your playstyle.

While not as vital to the build, Breaking Wave gives you an extra boost of area-of-effect damage, so it doesn’t hurt to pick up. And if you find the duo boon Exclusive Access early in the run, you’re all but assured a good run with guaranteed Epic-tier boons.

Hades Bone Hydra
You'll feel as cool as this anime opening that Supergiant Games published.

Aspect - Aspect of Demeter

Attack - Drunken Strike (Dionysus)

Special - Tempest Flourish (Poseidon)

Best Boons - Peer Pressure (Dionysus), Bad Influence (Dionysus), Numbing Sensation (Dionysus), Typhoon’s Fury (Poseidon), Razor Shoals (Poseidon)

Suggested Boons - Exclusive Access (Duo), Breaking Wave (Poseidon)

With these two Hades builds, you should be able to craft a blueprint that will guide you to success. Because of the RNG, you might not be able to follow these to tee, but that’s the beauty of a roguelike: You can forge your own path to victory, based on the tools you find.

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