Hades Heart-Seeking Bow Build Guide

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Hades Bow Build

Got your eye on the Heart-Seeking Bow? Really sick of getting pounded by Theseus every time? Never fear! These are a few Hades build guides to optimize your runs with Coronacht! Remember when using the Coronacht's Aspect of Hera, hitting the cast button simply loads the cast into your knocked arrow and doesn't immediately cast it. That will be crucial for the builds in this guide.

Hades Bow Builds - The Pikachu (Lightning and Dash Build)

This build obviously relies on Zeus, so grab the Thunder Signet Keepsake on your way out the gate. Thunder Dash is a necessity, along with Lightning Strike for chain damage. Upgrade the Thunder Dash as much as you can over the course of the run, and pair it with the Lightning Reflexes. You need to focus on dashing for this build, so you'll be firing less charge shots on your attack and many more specials for wide but weaker arrow coverage.

Anything that will add exposed damage to your lightning attacks will be helpful. For your Call and Special, I'd actually recommend Ares powers. Take the Blood-Filled Vial Keepsake with you into Elysium to make sure he shows up. Dashing past folks and inflicting Doom on them along with thunder is a godsend (literally) when fighting shielded bosses like the Minotaur. I'd suggest Ares for your cast as well, so load Doom into the bow and fire away!


Hades Bow Builds - The Cupid (Weakness and Critical Build)

Grab the Eternal Rose Keepsake for Tartarus and take whichever weakness boons you can, particularly Heartbreak Strike for your attack and Crush Shot for your cast. Remember with the Aspect of Hera, your cast loads into an arrow and releases the effects in a radius around yourself before firing. Inflicting weakness on nearby enemies will be helpful in later areas when mobs are surrounding you and you're firing at faraway enemies for maximum damage. I recommend using any pomegranates on your Crush Shot.

You'll want to grab some boons, specifically Deadly Flourish for your special, from Artemis along the way. Take the Adamant Arrowhead Keepsake with you into Asphodel (you don't need too much from Aphrodite, so one world should suffice) and max out your critical hits going forward. I am not a fan of Artemis's Call at all, which fires a single seeking shot. This is disastrous if you're fighting a shielded boss who is on guard at the time, and I'm all about low-risk low-reward gameplay. Skip a Call for this build and focus on building your Artemis powers, taking her keepsake to Elysium.

Hades Bow Builds - The War Table (Doom and Shield Build)

Ares provides great boons for those who want to do some intelligent shield play. Focus on Ares first, building up Doom effects on your attacks. If you happen upon Chaos here, I would take any benefits that increase attack power. You're going to need to be patient for this one, and every little bit helps.

Enhance the crap out of your deflect starting in Asphodel with Athena. I'd hold on to the Owl Pendant Keepsake for both Asphodel and Elysium, and grab her Call as well. The basic idea here is to inflict Doom slowly on your enemies (which will hurt them through their shields over time). Keep deflecting and let them passively take damage. Divine Dash is imperative here. I usually take the Lucky Tooth Keepsake with me to fight Hades personally, but I'd recommend focusing on coins while in the Temple. Any Darkness upgrades that increase coin collecting are helpful on this run, because in the Temple you'll need to spend all your cash on pomegranates for your cast and Daedalus Hammers.

What are your preferred builds for the Heart-Seeking Bow? Is this the Hawkeye dungeon crawler you always dreamed of?

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