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The last and most difficult to unlock of all the weapons in Hades is the Adamant Rail. Also known as Exagryph, this was once wielded by the goddess Hestia in the fight against the Titans. And now, it will help Zagreus escape from the underworld! If you can figure out how to use it properly.

On a personal level, the Adamant Rail was the hardest weapon for me to come to grips with, which is why I wanted to write this guide. So! If you’re similarly stumped, keep reading to see how you can transform your Exagryph into a powerhouse capable of taking down Hades himself.

Hades Adamant Rail Build - Aspect of Zagreus

techraptor hades adamant rail build guide

The first aspect unlocked, and I think the coolest looking one. By giving the Exagryph Titan Blood in this form, it unlocks additional maximum ammo capacity, with the final level doubling your initial capacity from 12 to 24. While this helps with less frequent reload times using your Attack, your Special remains unchanged in speed and number.

Reloading, and the time it takes to do so, is what really tripped me up when I started using the Adamant Rail. For this reason, I recommend getting a good Dash boon as your first solid pick. Two of the best that deal the most damage are Tidal Dash and Thunder Dash. These work to incapacitate foes immediately, which is of the utmost importance, as opposed to Drunken Dash or Blade Dash, which work gradually over time. Plus, if you time your Dash immediately after you hit reload, you can animation cancel the reload.

More bullets let you take advantage of Dionysus' boons, most of which inflict Hangover to deal additional damage. Using his Drunken Strike boon let's you attach the effect to Zagreus' Attack, and more bullets means more stacks of Hangover on foes. To augment this, Bad Influence let's you deal more damage when three or more foes are inflicted with Hangover, and Peer Pressure has inflicted foes spread the status to others every four seconds. Also useful is Numbing Sensation, which causes Hangover-inflicted foes to move slower, making them easier targets.

Daedalus’ upgrades are where I have the most fun with the Adamant Rail, as they offer an excellent variety of ways to customize the gun and your gameplay, with more diversity than for the other weapons. Delta Chamber turns your attack into a three round burst and gives you unlimited ammo, which is excellent for the basic level of Aspect of Zagreus before you unlock higher tiers and more ammo. Rocket Bomb turns your Special into a rocket that does 80 base damage and is far faster than the basic Special, or you can go for Seeking Fire which has your Attack target foes and does an additional 10% damage to them.

The Adamant Rail also has its perfect Keepsake pair: Distant Memory, given by Orpheus. Additional damage is done to distant foes, up to 30%, pairing nicely with the long-range capabilities of Exagryph.

Aspect - Aspect of Zagreus

Best Boons - Drunken Strike (Dionysus), Bad Influence (Dionysus), Peer Pressure (Dionysus), Numbing Sensation (Dionysus)

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades - Delta Chamber, Rocket Bomb, Seeking Fire

Best Keepsake - Distant Memory (Orpheus)

Hades Adamant Rail Build - Aspect of Eris

techraptor hades adamant rail build guide

Eris is my favorite Greek god and also my favorite aspect of the Adamant Rail, but I might be slightly biased on this one. In this Aspect, having Zagreus stand in the blast zone of the Special will then allow him to deal more damage for eight seconds after the Special hits. While I’m not sure this is particularly fitting for the Goddess of Strife, it is exploitable.

Like with Aspect of Zagreus, I recommend getting a good Dash boon for when you need to do some quick damage and not have to worry about reloading. Again, Poseidon’s Tidal Dash or Zeus’ Thunder Dash are both top picks.

Demeter is your best bet for boons to combine with the Aspect of Eris, as her Chill effect slows foes down by 4% and is stackable up to 10 times. Frost Strike and Frost Flourish add this to Attack and Special respectively, while Mistral Dash adds it to your Dash if you haven’t already picked up the boons from Zeus or Poseidon. Also useful is Frozen Touch, which Chills foes after you take damage. This makes it easier to hit them with the Special so you can be right there in the blast zone without having to battle to get there in time.

Daedalus Hammer upgrades for Aspect of Eris are a little different than for Aspect of Zagreus, as you’ll want to focus more on upgrades to your Special. Triple Bomb lets you use your Special three times in rapid succession, and Targeting System slows down foes targeted by your Special, plus deals additional damage. Cluster Bomb is also useful, which lets your Special fire a spread of five bombs, though they do less damage. Of note, Aspect of Eris does not pair well with Hazard Bomb, as that increases the damage your Special does while also enabling it to damage you. If you’ve gotta stand in the blast zone, that’s an unhealthy combination.

Like with Aspect of Zagreus, the Distant Memory keepsake pairs nicely with the Aspect of Eris, although Demeter’s Frostbitten Horn can be useful if you’re intentionally trying to rack up the Chill-afflicting boons.

Aspect - Aspect of Eris

Best Boons - Frost Strike (Demeter), Frost Flourish (Demeter), Mistral Dash (Demeter), Frozen Touch (Demeter)

Daedalus Hammer Upgrades - Triple Bomb, Cluster Bomb, Targeting System

Best Keepsake - Distant Memory (Orpheus), Frostbitten Horn (Demeter)

What are your recommendations for how to best equip the Exagryph for Zagreus' escape? Let us know in the comments below!

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