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In a comedic turn of events, Godlike Burger puts you in the shoes of a murderous restaurant owner with aliens to serve. To help cut down on operating costs, you must harvest your own meat while keeping the rest of your unsuspecting customers happy. Through time management, careful planning, and deadly traps, you can easily sail your way through the galaxy serving burgers.

Opening up Your Burger Shop

Before you start the game, we highly recommend that you play through the tutorial as this game, while simple when broken down, has a lot of moving pieces that you need to keep up with. Luckily, you have a fully decked-out Burger ship, but the planet you start off in is rather broke. While this means that your operations bill will be low at the end of each day, the customers will be more stingy with their money.

Your goal is simple. You want to increase your prestige by making customers happy, make money, and keep your fridge stocked with delicious meat. To do this, you need to carefully kill off your customers and make meat out of them while buying supplies like buns and pickles at the end of the day. Killing customers can be done through a variety of different methods, such as traps, hitting them with your cleaver, and poisoning them.

You can’t get too caught up with stocking your fridge, as you also need to make burgers, control disasters like broken toilets, and fix any machinery that has gone down. Once you have made enough money and have a stock of meat, you can head over to the next planet to make more cash. Just keep in mind that planets have different challenges, like protestors and more aggressive customers that you will need to face.

Customer Satisfaction and Distraction

Serving Customers

Your customers are both your main source of money and meat. Here’s a basic rundown of how customers work:

  • A customer will enter your restaurant through the parking lot portal.
  • They will either order food or take up air doing nothing.
  • If they order food, you will need to make the order exactly how they want it.
  • If the order is correct, you will not only earn money, but you will also get prestige and a tip.

The customers who order should always be prioritized as they help you stay in operation. The ones that are just loitering should either be killed or kicked until they leave. Of course, you can also use your cooking to easily kill paying customers by using sauces. Sauces take different ingredients, and you will need to purchase new recipes at the end of the day.

Sauces can send your customers outside to smoke, to the bathroom, lower their health, or even make them stalk you. Once they are alone or in range of a trap that you have installed, you can easily kill them and send their body to the meat processor to keep your fridge stocked.

One of the first gadgets you may want to invest in is the button that can automatically activate traps, as you lose money when you have to run to the bathroom to activate a trap. Traps also make it easy not to get caught as you don’t need to tromp to the bathroom to wash up blood. Simply send the body to the processor, and you're done. Keep in mind that if a customer gets too suspicious, they will call the cops.

Restaurant Upgrades and Managing Money

At the end of each day, you will be sent to the basement to pay your daily bill and use your money on things such as upgrades or moving planets. You can upgrade your shop to have traps everywhere. Even the arcade machine can be rigged to kill. You can also upgrade your chef to deal more damage and help your restaurant to grow by installing new grills and keeping machinery from breaking down as fast.

There is no fast way to earn money, but you can help yourself do better by investing in upgrades that help save you time. The more burgers you can serve, the more money you will make. Make sure to balance your daily earning between

  • Paying your bill
  • Order ingredients for your tasty space meat.
  • Upgrading your ship and character to run better.

When you are secure at your current planet and have enough prestige, then you can pay to move to the next planet, which will have patrons with more cash.

Keeping Your Shop Running

Traps in Godlike Burger

To keep your shop running, you need to stay alive. If you die, you lose the money that isn’t in your safe and start back on the first day. You can lose by not paying your deals and having debt collectors come for you, fighting a strong patron, or being caught by the police. Once this happens, you will start back on Day 1.

To ensure everything is moving smoothly, kill with caution, and make sure you know how to handle each day's challenges. A pop-up will occur telling you what each day's special is and what you need to do to handle it.  Each planet also has different challenges and operating costs, so just make sure you are keeping these in mind when making burgers and spending money on upgrades.

It’s best to do tasks quickly, keep a rhythm, and pay your daily bill before shopping for ingredients and upgrades.

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