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So you've managed to get the hang of things so far in Godfall. Making your way through the temple you should now know pretty much all of the basics to combat. The Godfall Solaris Boss fight now puts it all to the test as you fight the biggest and baddest enemy so far. Solaris isn't just a harder fight because of how large an enemy he is, but he also has a shield, special abilities, and impressive reach.

Godfall - Solaris Boss Fight Attacks

Solaris has a number of attacks under his belt, from the standard large swings of his weapon to setting the ground on fire. All of his attacks are listed below.

  • Normal Slashes: Solaris lifts up his metallic blade arms and takes slashes at your character. When you see him begin to rear back his hands try to dodge towards him to get behind him. If you're not already right up on him attacking then dodge directly back and you should be able to get out of his way.
  • Leap Attack: Solaris clears the gap easily between you and him by jumping into the air and crashing down on top of you. For something so big and heavy he has an impressive amount of air time, use this opportunity wisely to start sprinting away from wherever you are to make sure you don't get caught in the shockwave as he lands.
  • Sweeping Laser: If you're in the middle distance to Solaris he'll fire a laser horizontally across the ground and through you. Not only does the initial beam deal damage, but it will also set the ground on fire. Contact with this will give you the Incinerate effect, which will slowly reduce your health over time. You'll want to obviously move closer to or further from him at this point; watch out though, as he can pull off this attack multiple times in a row
  • Repeated Lasers: Solaris will hover in the air and start raining down lasers on and around you. The destination for the lasers is telegraphed by a landing circle and red line so as long as you're moving fast you should be able to dodge any direct hits. Much like the Sweeping Laser these also set the ground on fire so even if you dodge the initial impact you're going to want to keep avoiding the space.
Godfall Solaris Boss Dodge
That's not a knife...

Godfall - Solaris Boss Fight Strategy

The first thing that you'll notice coming into this fight is that Solaris has a large shield. At the top of the screen you'll first need to whittle down his shield before you can start doing any big damage to his health bar. Unlike other games where the patterns of a boss might be different between when they're shielded and when they're not, that isn't the case here. After depleting his shield, there's a brief stun moment where you can get in some solid damage, but the rest of his cycles are pretty standard.

For this battle you'll mostly want to stay as close to him as possible. You can dodge around/behind him as you please when he breaks out any of his Normal Slashes but he won't Leap Attack very much (obviously because you're already right there).

Being that close you'll find yourself a bit of a sitting duck to the Horizontal Laser, especially for the ignite damage that you'll start getting if you stick around there too long, but it's well worth it to have him in range to be continuously doing damage.

The one time you'll want to start moving is when he floats into the air for the Repeated Lasers. Once he's flying just start sprinting away from him, you won't take any damage from this, and you'll also ensure that any of the hot spots on the floor aren't likely to be where you'll need to stand to continue doing damage.

Godfall Solaris Boss Fire Floor
Try to plan where you're running otherwise Godfall becomes The Floor is Lava

It's important not to stay right under Solaris during the Repeated Lasers as you'll end up taking too much damage, ruin the ground at your feet, but also as he's flying half of your attacks won't even connect with him. This is the time to take a bit of a breather from the action, or if you get a chance you can quickly throw your shield at him at least once to do a bit of damage. If you're finding yourself low on Health you can also break some of the pots around the room and get a bit of a refill.

How did you find the Godfall Solaris Boss Fight? Did you find another way to take care of him quickly? Did you manage to dodge around any of the lasers?

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