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Last Update: November 20, 2020


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The first of the next generation (or more accurately, current generation) of loot based games is here with Godfall, and for all the new and shiny features that the game introduces, some things clearly never change. Like all modern loot-based games, there's a fairly deep skill tree, more than enough stats for you to tinker with, and even some min-maxing aspects that you can bang your head against. The fact that the game just throws loot at you makes things all the more overwhelming, but as one may expect, not all the loot is worth using. Much like any other looter game, you will eventually need to make a decision on what weapons and perks to use, especially if you want to tackle the Dreamstones endgame.

Godfall - "Best" Weapon Archetype

The vast majority of Godfall's weapons should be familiar to anyone who has played a high-fantasy slasher; bigger weapons means more damage and slower swing speed. Naturally, this means that there isn't necessarily a "best" weapon archetype since different personal playstyles and preferences may mean that you gravitate towards certain weapons. However, there are some advantages that certain weapon archetypes have that can't be ignored. 


With that in mind, it is recommended to keep at least one Longsword in your inventory. You won't be doing massive damage per hit or stabbing someone 100 times per second, but because Godfall seemingly doesn't allow for animation cancels (i.e. canceling an attack into a block or dodge), you need a weapon that allows you to get damage in without rooting you in place. In other words, you need to play the game like Dark Souls, which means that mobility is king.

Plus Longswords have built-in invincibility for their long-range Weapon Technique attacks, so that alone makes them a solid choice. Dual Blades are also (predictably) fantastic for single-target DPS, though their short range can be a problem, especially if attacking off of a parry.

Godfall Beginner's Build: Level 1-30

godfall build 01
A bit of everything so that you can experiment with all the mechanics without sacrificing too much in combat efficiency

Recommended Valorplate - Illumina

Mandatory Skills - Weakpoints, Takedowns, Weapon Techniques, Critical Hit Damage, Critical Hit Chance, Finesse 

Important Skills - Vitality, Might, All Stats, Rampage, Soulshatter

Optional Skills - Shield Throw, Polarity Attacks 


From the start of Godfall's main quest to the start of the Dreamstone sequence, there is no denying that you will need to have a fairly strong character build. You also might have a desire to experiment with all the active abilities, since some of them sound pretty cool in theory. You don't really have to worry about super-optimized builds at this point anyways, but it might be nice to have a starting point. It should also be kept in mind that at this stage of the game, you're facing both bosses and run-of-the-mill goons that love swarming you. 

The latter can be dealt with easily enough with Shield Throw and Polarity Attack Skills. At their most basic level, you're getting AOE and/or knockdown effects for a very minor Skill Point investment. All the other Mandatory Skills are mostly there for bosses as you can do some serious damage with Weakpoint attacks. Granted, this means that you will almost certainly have to play in a more cautious manner, though that's just how Godfall is seemingly meant to be played. The Illumina Valorplate further boosts your Weakpoint damage, so it's basically a no-brainer to equip once you get enough materials for it. 


Godfall Dreamstones Build Guide - Levels 30-49

godfall build 02
Still needs more damage.

So you just beat the main story and are now starting Dreamstones. That's great, since you should more or less have a grasp of how Godfall's core mechanics work by now. It should also mean dropping the Shield Throw and Polarity Attacks Skills (and any other Skills that you picked for fun or for crowd control) since the vast majority of the Dreamstones pit you up against upgraded versions of the main bosses from the main story.

They're going to have more health, hit harder, and have more annoying mechanics, but the loot is objectively better. What you need here is damage and lots of it as there's no practical way to tank anything from here on out aside from dodging like it's Dark Souls. Fortunately, you don't have to worry too much about farming for synergistic gear since the level cap is 50. 

Godfall Exalted Dreamstones Build - Level 50

Look at Me, I'm (Almost) the God Now

godfall build 03
All the damage related Skills, and it's still not enough

Recommended Valorplate - Hinterclaw

This is where Godfall's real endgame farming begins. If you've finished the first wave of Dreamstones, you should've unlocked the Exalted Dreamstone variants which are all level 50+. You can also attempt to take on the endless Tower mode if you want to see how good you are against everything the game has to throw at you. Regardless, you'll get tons of Legendary items at this stage of the game, which will certainly need to be upgraded via the forge regardless of how good their base stats are. To make things more complicated, the quality of your Augments and gear actually matters now.

Since it's near impossible to predict exactly what you'll get from each boss, the only real advice is to go after specific bonuses. Critical Damage and Hit Chance effects are great of course, as are Weakpoint and Archon Fury boosting items. You may also want to keep items that proc Missile effects, since it's literally free damage. Defensive stats are OK, but there's only so much that you can do against Exalted boss attacks. Unless the developers add some way to prevent knockdown, or DOT, or AOE effects, the best way to prevent damage in Godfall is to dodge and parry.


How are you enjoying Godfall? What builds work best for you? Let us know in the comments below!



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