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God of War Wayward Spirits

Need some help finding the God of War Wayward Spirits? We're here to help! There are five spirits required for the achievement, all located around the Lake of Nine and the Shores of Nine, but one part does involve lighting four braziers and helping four spirits, though it only counts as one part of the quest.

All God of War Wayward Spirits

God of War Wayward Spirits 1

God of War Wayward Spirits

In the Mason's Channel you will need to dock partway through the channel on a small beach so you can pull open the gate and continue on your journey. On the beach is a lake spirit, asking for Gullveig's bones and promising outrageous things. The bones have been scattered across the lake, and their locations are now marked on your map. Collect all three bones and return to the spirit, where you will now have to fight Gullveig to lay the spirit to rest.

God of War Wayward Spirits 2

God of War Wayward Spirits

On the beach of the Forgotten Caverns right where you dock your boat, you'll meet a wayward spirit who requests you kill his former boat crew who are now all Hel-walkers. Like the first spirit, the markers for the location of his crew that you need to kill are now all on the map. Kill them all and report back to the man to finally lay his spirit at peace.

God of War Wayward Spirits 3

God of War Wayward Spirits

In the Forgotten Caverns, after making your way through the caverns and back into sunlight, drop down from the ledge with a chain to a wide open clearing. Walk over to the brazier and have Atreus read the runes and then fight the enemies that appear. Walk back over to the brazier and talk to the spirit who appeared, he will now be free. There are three more braziers to be lit that are now marked on the map. Make your way to each location, fight the enemies that appear and then talk to the spirits to set each of them at peace. Though there are multiple spirits involved in this one, it only counts as one wayward spirit for the purposes of the achievement in game.

God of War Wayward Spirits 4

God of War Wayward Spirits

As you progress up Stone Falls and come even with the top of the waterfall, you'll meet an orange spirit who asks you to destroy the statue of Thor over his father's grave, in exchange for getting his blessing to loot the grave. You'll need to open the door to Veithurgard in order to access the statue, and the controls for the doors are also located at Stone Falls. Go to the statue of Thor in the middle of the Veithurgard lake, destroy it by hurling your axe at the glowing pieces and then report back to the spirit to set him at peace.

God of War Wayward Spirits 5

God of War Wayward Spirits

Over the course of your quests for the dwarves, Sindri will ask you to go to Fafnir's storeroom. In the final room is a spirit who has been stabbed in the back by his son, you'll need to take his dagger and continue on with your quest that will then lead you to the Northri Stronghold for the next part. When you find the Whetstone in the stronghold you'll also find a scroll that Atreus comments contains the son expressing his remorse and feelings. Take the scroll back to the spirit in Fafnir's Storeroom and give it to him. Finally at peace with his son, he will then depart and you will snag your shiny new achievement.

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