Gnosia Guide for Beginners

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Gnosia Beginner Guide

Social deduction mystery Gnosia puts the player into the role of a crew member on a spaceship infected by the titular aliens. They are capable of shape-shifting and believe all humans must be killed. The player's goal is to complete multiple time loops in order to learn the secrets of their fellow crew members and discover how to stop the Gnosia for good.

Each day, one person is put in cold sleep. Each night, the Gnosia kill one person. This continues until either all Gnosia have been eliminated or half of the remaining crew is Gnosia.

Getting accustomed to the game's debate mechanics and time-looping style can take a few loops. Here's some tips and tricks to help you become a pro at detecting the Gnosia (or eliminating the humans) in no time!

Gnosia Abilities
Level up your abilities by progressing through loops - remember, you earn more XP if you survive!

Gnosia Guide - Gnosia Abilities

Each character in the game has six abilities: Charisma, Charm, Intuition, Logic, Performance, and Stealth. Each loop, you will earn a certain number of XP. On the next loop, you will be able to level up your stats by visiting your room between debates. Stats carry over between loops.

Charisma makes your comments more influential. Others are more likely to agree with you and less likely to distrust you.

Charm makes it less likely that other crew members will nominate you for cold sleep

Intuition allows you to detect when others are lying

Logic allows you to more aggressively convince other characters that you are right, even those who may doubt you.

Performance makes your own lies more believable and effective.

Stealth makes you less likely to be killed by the Gnosia

In general, there is no one right way to level up your stats. However, in the early game, Stealth and Charm are very powerful as they allow you to survive longer and gain more information.

Gnosia Commands
Learn more commands as your abilities increase

Gnosia Guide - Gnosia Commands

The player character has a number of commands they can use during the debate, such as protecting themselves or casting doubt on others. You will start the first loop with only a few basic commands. However, over time other characters will teach you new commands which will unlock as your stats increase.

Typically, commands unlock when a stat reaches a multiple of 5. Focus on getting each stat to 25 to unlock the majority of commands.

All commands have their use in debate, but here are a couple of particularly helpful ones:

Seek Agreement (25 Charisma) - Ask as many others as possible to agree with a statement

Regret (25 Charm) / Obfuscate (25 Stealth) - Lower suspicion regarding yourself when your name is brought up in debate

Definite Human / Definite Enemy (20 Logic) - State definitively that another crew member is or is not Gnosia.

Say You're Human (20 Intuition) - Ask everyone present to say "I am human" and attempt to detect liars.

Let's Collaborate (15 Charm) - Ask another character to be your ally and work with you in debates.

Learn as many commands as you can as you travel through Gnosia's many time loops.

Gnosia Menu
You can check the Engineer and Doctor's nightly reports using the Menu

Gnosia Guide - Gnosia Roles

Like other deduction games such as Werewolf or Town of Salem, this game has a number of roles beyond simply "Crew" and "Gnosia". Here's a quick list of each role and what abilities they possess:

The Engineer investigates one person per night to determine if they are human or Gnosia.

The Doctor investigates the person put into cold sleep to determine if they are human or Gnosia.

The Guardian Angel can protect one person each night from Gnosia attacks. They cannot protect themselves.

The Guard Duty can prove themselves human, but have no other special abilities.

The AC Follower can pretend to be an Engineer or Doctor to help the Gnosia, but they do not know who the Gnosia are.

The Bug can pretend to be an Engineer. If the Bug survives to the end of a loop, the universe is destroyed

Gnosia can also pretend to be an Engineer or Doctor. Anyone pretending to be an Engineer or Doctor can deliver a "fake report" each night in order to cast doubt on the crew member of their choice.

Try out a variety of roles throughout the loops to become more familiar with how each one functions.

Gnosia Enemy
As Gnosia, you know who you are allies are at the start of the loop

Gnosia Guide - Playing as Gnosia

When you play the game as an infected Gnosia, your goal will be different. You and your fellow Gnosia must kill humans until you make up more than half of the crew. Here are some tips for avoiding suspicion and taking out the humans:

Eliminate the Guard Duty as quickly as possible. They are proven human and will never be suspected in debate.

If you or another Gnosia is pretending to be Engineer / Doctor, do not kill the real one. That will prove that you are a fake. Try to cast doubt on them in debate and have them selected for cold sleep instead.

As there are only 2-4 Gnosia among the crew, use the "Let's Collaborate" command to get at least one human on your side.

In addition to the Guard Duty, good targets to eliminate early are Jonas, Setsu, and Yuriko, who are likely to see through your lies and suspect you.

Comet and Raqio are easily suspected by others, so they make effective decoys to throw under the bus during debate.

Gnosia Event Search
Once you've completed the game's main story, you can keep looping with random settings

Gnosia Guide - Event Search & Crew Data

Progress through Gnosia's story by learning information about those trapped with you and filling out the Crew Data menu. Once you get control over the loops, use the "Event Search" function (hit the X button) to find settings which are more likely to lead to new information.

Some events will not trigger unless certain characters survive or other conditions are fulfilled. Don't get discouraged if nothing happens during some loops. You are still gaining valuable XP to level up your abilities.

Between debates, events will be marked with a red exclamation point on the in-game map. Trigger events as soon as they show up, as there's no guarantee the associated characters will survive the night.

If you're unhappy with your Abilities and want to redistribute your stats, play as a Bug on a loop with the full 15 crew members and make sure that Yuriko survives the first debate. Then, go visit her between debates and she will allow you to redistribute Ability points.

These tips will help you survive the dangerous time loops of Gnosia and weed out the impostors - or take out the crew if you are one yourself. You will be well on your way to discovering the central mystery of what the Gnosia are and why they have chosen to infect your crew in the first place.

Gnosia is currently available for the Nintendo Switch.

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