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Last Update: March 24, 2022


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Ghostwire: Tokyo certainly isn't lacking in useful skills you can purchase with the points you earn from leveling up. Whether it's incremental upgrades to how quickly you can fire your elemental attacks or powerful new tools that can change how you explore the city, you'll want to make smart investments in the early game to ensure that you're in the best shape possible for what's to come. Not to worry, though, because we've compiled a short list of the best skills you can purchase early in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Best Ghostwire: Tokyo Skills To Pick Up Early

Fudo Skill

Positioning is important for starting a core extraction in battle because taking damage will interrupt the process. Fudo extends the time that enemy cores remain exposed when they're stunned, granting you some extra time to move to a safe spot that will let you pull off your core extraction without as many problems.


Fudo I extends exposure time to 1.75x, while Fudo II extends it to 2.5x. Both can be purchased without the need of special Magatama items, making them a high priority in the first few hours of the game. Even with these upgrades, though, always be sure to put a little bit of distance between you and any aggressive enemies before beginning an extraction just to be safe.

Kukurihime Skill

Like Fudo, Kukurihime is so important due to the fact that enemies can attack you while you're extracting cores, and that can make for a very frustrating experience in battle. This skill improves the speed of all extractions, making it a vital pickup early in your adventure and should make your life a hell of a lot easier.

Kukurihime I speeds core extractions up by 1.5x and is available extremely soon after beginning the game. Unfortunately, you'll need a Magatama to unlock Kukurihime II (2x extraction speed), so you'll have to invest in some of the game's side quests to work your way to that one.


Ninigi Skill

You may find yourself in close-quarters combat more often than you'd prefer, so it's nice to be able to rapidly handle a core extraction. That's where Ninigi comes in handy, allowing you to grab and crush exposed enemy cores in melee range. Best of all, unlock normal core extractions, this one eliminates the chance for enemy attacks to interrupt you.

Ninigi I grants you the ability to extract enemy cores in melee range and can be purchased very early. However, the 2.5x speed boost that comes with Ninigi II requires a Magatama, so you'll need to set out on some side quests if you hope to grab that one.

Hakkei Skill

Speaking of close-quarters combat, it's important to remember that your elemental attack resources (ammo) are limited. While you find Jizo Statues around the world to increase your overall uses of each element, you're still likely to run out sometimes. You can hit floating crystallized items around the city to gain ether that replenishes your resources, but they can be difficult to find in chaotic battles. With all of this in mind, it's a good idea to pick up Hakkei as soon as you reasonably can so that your melee hits will produce ether for you to absorb.


Hakkei I will allow melee attacks on enemies to produce a small amount of ether, but Hakkei II will increase the amount that appears by a pretty decent amount. Since neither of the skills require Magatama to buy, go ahead and upgrade to the second tier fairly quickly for some much-needed sustainability.

Michikiri Skill

You'll spend a significant amount of your journey through Tokyo absorbing spirits to trade for XP and currency. Unless you enjoy holding down a button for an extended length of time, you'll want to invest early in Michikiri, which drastically reduces how long it takes to absorb spirits
Michikiri I boosts your spirit absorption rate by 1.5x, while Michikiri II boosts it by a whopping 3x. Even better, both can be purchased during the opening hours of the game. While they may not be vital – they won't improve your combat potential after all – they are still great investments for saving precious time.


Amenokagami Skill

As you explore Tokyo, you are certain to find that many of its best-hidden secrets involve taking to the rooftops. Reaching those heights is a fairly simple process of grappling to one of the many Tengu yokai fluttering around the city, but efficiently navigating around up there requires an investment in Amenokagami, which extends the length of your glide ability.

Amenokagami I only provides you with a brief 2 seconds of flight, making it so that you have to be very mindful when moving across wide gaps. Amenokagami II extends that flight time to 3 seconds, which doesn't sound like much but can make a surprisingly huge difference. You won't be able to score Amenokagami III until you've rounded up a handful of Magatama, but its 5 seconds of flight time is something to look forward to.


That's it for our recommended Skills for Ghostwire: Tokyo! Check out more guides below:

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