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So you've explored the abandoned streets and fought some ghosts, you need a Ghostwire: Tokyo Nekomata Requests guide. It is one of the more unusual and unconventional activities in the game, but thankfully we're here to help.

The location of a Nekomata Request on the Tokyo map.
Seek these out, it'll help you find the items.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Nekomata Requests Guide – Where Are The Nekomata Requests?

So Nekomata Requests are interesting in Ghostwire: Tokyo since, unlike other collectibles or side activities, these are sort of hidden. The first time you'll stumble upon one of these stands is probably after you cleanse the torii gate during The Maze of Mirror's mission in Chapter 2 of the main story. Basically, there are random shop stands set up in different parts of the map with a nekomata there as the patron. Unlike other shop stands that just sell you food or katashiros, these nekomata will ask you to bring them certain items. These range from everything to a holy charm to a daruma head to a bloody knife said to be a ghost's favorite murder weapon. These locations will also be revealed on the map when you cleanse a torii gate and can be used as fast-travel points.

As for why you should find these items, it's because each of these vendors give out unique rewards. You get something for retrieving one of the items, then one or two more at other intervals (usually 3 or 5), followed by a big reward for finding all of the requested items. These can range from helpful katashiros and skill upgrades to unique camera filters for Ghostwire: Tokyo's photo mode to special outfits for your character to wear. In addition, these nekomata vendors might also stock rare and useful items for you. These include KK's Investigation Notes, which give you even more skill points, magatamas for advanced skill progression, and additional photo mode goodies like emotes.

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I actually stumbled on this one as well.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Nekomata Requests Guide – How To Find The Requested Items?

At first, the Nekomata Requests for Ghostwire: Tokyo seem like aimless scavenger hunts. Unlike other activities or collectibles, they are not highlighted on the map. In fact, it's entirely possible to pick up one of these items while playing the main story not knowing their importance. You can find a daruma head inside KK's apartment, the bloody ghost knife in a lady's restroom in the Shibuya Underground, etc..

And as comprehensive as it would be to meticulously go down every single checklist in the game complete with visual aids and pointers on where to go, believe it or not there is a second option. First you need to speak to one of the Nekomata Request vendors in order to get a list of what they're looking for. Next, open up your menu and go to the Missions tab. From there, you can scroll to a dedicated sub-menu titled Nekomata Requests and toggle whatever collectible you're looking for as your active objective.

Once you've done this, open up your map. If you've done this right, the area where the object should be at will be highlighted in a circle. Now instead of blindly running through an entire city as well as complex underground network on tunnels, you'll have a much narrower area to explore.

A tab menu showing a flying cat giving a clue
The menu even includes how much money when you turn in the item.

If you are still lost at what to look for exactly, you get a bit more help there as well. Go back to your menu, head back to the Nekomata Requests tab and then highlight the item you're looking for. To the right of the menu should be a simple phrase to help narrow down your search even further. Go over the area with a fine-toothed comb and keep these hints in mind. Plus, with these map tricks in mind you won't be as daunted by these spooky scavenger hunts.

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