Games That Deserved More Attention In 2017 - December Reader Survey

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games that deserved more attention in 2017

As time moves on, more and more games are released weekly, monthly, and yearly. It stands to reason, then, that there will be a few or many games that just get missed or lost in the deluge of releases. Games that deserve more attention from both the press and gamers alike. There's certainly plenty of these games, and so for our December 2017 Reader Question, we asked:

"What game from 2017 deserved more attention?"
We got a number of great responses to this question, and while we can't use all of the responses we received - here's some of the best, sorted by game:

Hollow Knight 

"A small developer went above and beyond to give a fresh take on the platformer-action genre by combining good gameplay and exploration elements from the well-designed world to jam-packed content filled goodness for a super reasonable price. It's a complete game that deserves to be top 10 of the year." -Hal

"It’s a fantastic game. The world. The art. The action!" -Dan

elex overlook
ELEX is a pretty great looking game


"Mostly sandbox RPG where every quest has multiple ways to complete and choices are reflected later in the game, that slid under the radar because it's not made by an AAA studio. Combat is brutal at early levels, and it actually feels rewarding beating mobs down in melee." -HandOfBane

NieR: Automata (Our Review)

"While it garnered a fair amount of attention for the wrong reasons (anime booty) the general media widely failed to applaud its excellent storytelling, flawed, complex characters, and emotional story." -Rick "Mac" Marquardt

"Great environmental and atmospheric design, it really did feel like humans had abandoned Earth. The friendly robots' weird but endearing personality was also quite enjoyable." -Anonymous


Nioh (Our Review)

"It takes the Souls method of gameplay (stamina, corpse runs) and creates a well-controlling action game with plenty of variety in weapons and stances to allow you to vary up your style. Plus the loot system meant you were always finding new weapons and armor to try out. All without paid lootcrates." -BigMaki

Fire Emblem Warriors

"It's a great game but its release was overshadowed by Super Mario Odyssey's release." -Steven D


"It was painstakingly well done by three guys who originally didn't know how to code, in a very hard genre (horror) that didn't rely in jumpscares but instead tension building using sound, evoking the fear and imagination of the player, and all of this with beautiful pixel art in top-down view." -Wolfoso

blossom tales
Blossom Tales

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

"It was an inventive, extremely fun and humorous mix of Zelda mechanics and Princess Bride style storytelling. It had the misfortune to be an indie title on steam when Valve opened up the metaphorical floodgates and was lost among more prominent releases as a result." -Callum Shephard

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (Our Review)

"It's really f%$&#g crazy and except by very close friends, I haven't seen much or at all any coverage on this game. It's a crazy experience that everyone should experience at least once. Crazy level of depth and immersion await players giving this one a try!!"

Assassins Creed: Origins (Our Review)

"I feel people too easily overlooked the world of Origins simply because it is another Assassins Creed game. However, the game world is beautiful, attention to detail is incredible (Pyramid's interior for instance), Climbing mechanics are perfect, and the water is some of the best I've ever seen." -Liam Dixon

The Sexy Brutale (Our Review)

"Well made puzzles, a setting that is as much a character as the roster of people you must save, an amazing story of redemption, and music that changes and augments itself based on the room you are in, the time of day, and the events happening in adjacent rooms." -Christopher Snow



"It's a visceral, fast-paced top-down shooter with a great soundtrack and cyberpunk aesthetic. Although short and clearly made on a tight budget, the love that went into refining the combat can't be ignored. It's a damn good time." -Jarsh

God Wars: Future Past

"Solid TRPG, good story and fairly long." -GenocideHeart

Wonderful Everyday

"VNs are generally underappreciated and 2017 had a lot of big ones. Wonderful Everyday is notable for its great plot, complex characters, disturbing but non-gratuitous content and philosophical themes, that avoid being pretentious and inaccessible. It's both thought-provoking and entertaining." -Viscera

little busters english edition

Little Busters! English Edition

"I'm really into visual novels and of the decent number that I've played, this is my favorite. I think Key really outdid themselves with it and I wish I could share it with more people because I really enjoyed it." -Anonymous

Gravity Rush 2 (Our Review)

"It's kinda like a superhero sandbox game, but actually good. In a market filled to the brim with lootboxes, paid dlc and other horrible stuff its nice to see a game with none of that sort of thing, and from the director of Siren and Silent Hill no less." -Peter

Fortnite: Save The World

"Battle Royale clones are fine, but the real fun and creativity comes from the co-op! The grind is rough, but the art and writing are top notch." -Chaosian

Thanks to all of our awesome readers who answered our December survey and our current monthly gaming survey is already live!

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