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Once you wrap up Forspoken’s story, that doesn’t mark the end of Frey’s journey. She still has people to help, sights to see, and enemies to slay. And, if you really want to put your skills to the test, there are a number of post-game bosses scattered across Athia. In our Forspoken Abomination Guide, we’ll show you where to find each and the best ways to prepare for these tough encounters.

After completing the main story of Forspoken, a new type of map marker will appear on the map legend. Named as “???”, these markers indicate where powerful optional bosses known as Abominations can be found. They’re all quite tough, meaning you should bring upgraded gear and at least one max level spell of the right magic type.

Defeating all 4 of the Abominations will unlock the Abominizer achievement/trophy.


Map showing the location of the Forspoken Abomination Amphicynodon.

  • Area: Visoria - South Plateau
  • How to reach: Follow the river up into the mountain — a cave is near the entrance to this Abomination’s lair.
  • Weakness: Sila’s Magic (Fire)

This boss doesn’t have too many tricks, and is relatively easy to stagger with magic. Once it starts charging up its attack, start running away to avoid the close range blast.


Map showing the location of the Forspoken Abomination Deinosuchus.

  • Area: Avoalet - The Moulderings
  • How to reach: The large cliff to the west of the lair means that you must first travel north up the hill, then back down to reach Deinosuchus.
  • Weakness: Frey’s Magic (Earth)

Most of the arena is water, making it easy to surf quickly between platforms to avoid attacks. However, the arena’s design also means that Frey’s Surge spell will not be able to reach the boss.


Map showing the location of the Forspoken Abomination Gigas.

  • Area: Praenost - Mount Garrison
  • How to reach: Head around the large rock spire at the northwest part of Mount Garrison.
  • Weakness: Olas’s Magic (Lightning)

Gigas makes use of a large fireball attack, so make use of the large rock in the center of the arena to avoid it. It’ll also often follow up this attack with an undodgeable leaping attack, so prepare to sprint away right after.


Map showing the location of the Forspoken Abomination Apsaravis.

  • Area: Junoon - Nowhere
  • How to reach: This one requires a lot of platforming, taking you through the narrow Farcoast Terrace to the west. With the Break kicking in partway through the platforming gauntlet, you’ll need to make use of the cliffside lights to mark the way forward. Toranas can be used to make it across larger gaps as well.
  • Weakness: Prav’s Magic (Water)

This Abomination will not appear until you interact with the small box. As the boss spends its entire time flying, the spell Chain Bolt is the best choice to attack at range. When Apsaravis starts to spit fog-like blobs, stop targeting the boss otherwise it’ll be harder to see where the fog has landed. These damaging areas stay active for a while, dealing significant damage if you stand in them for too long.

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