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The final section of the Final Fantasy XIV Pandaemonium raid is here with Anabaseios, pitting you against four more powerful foes. Our Final Fantasy XIV Pandaemonium Anabaseios Guide will go over the main mechanics to watch out for during each fight, along with the rewards you can get.

If you're after a break from Pandaemonium, check out our guides on Euroka Orthos and Endwalker's treasure dungeons. We also have a full guide on the Manderville weapon quest, which is continuously updated as new steps are added in later patches.

Final Fantasy XIV Pandaemonium Anabaseios Guide

To start Pandaemonium Anabaseios, you must have first completed the previous two raid tiers, ending with the quest "Truth Imperfect." Once completed, you can talk to the NPC Ruissenaud in Labyrinthos at X:8.6, Y:27.5 to start "Eater of Souls", the beginning of Anabaseios. The quest structure is the same as the previous two Pandaemonium raid series, having you go through the story and completing each of the four raids in order.

Rewards are also the same. You can obtain "Unsung" tokens from each of the four raids once per weeks, with each token relating to a different piece of Anabaseios gear. Tokens can be handed in to the NPC Djole in Radz-at-Han at X: 10.3, Y: 9.6, all gear being item level 640. Clearing Anabaseios The Twelfth Circle also rewards a "Unsung Blade of Anabaseios" token each week, with seven being tradeable for a Hermetic Tomestone — an item needed to buy item level 650 weapons.

Token Traded For Amount Needed
Helm Head 2
Armor Body 4
Gauntlets Hands 2
Chausses Legs 4
Greaves Feet 2
Ring Accessories 1

Final Fantasy XIV Anabaseios The Ninth Circle Guide

Kokytos makes use of a number of transformations during the fight, triggered after casting Ravening. There are three possible transformations, each having a different colored effects during Ravenening, along with different boss animations and names. When not transformed, the boss will use Gluttony's Augur for raidwide damage.

Mage - Blue

Global Spell: Raidwide.

The boss will occasionally mark three or four players with circular fire AOEs. If a red symbol flashes on the screen, these AOEs will increase in size. Spread out the AOEs to make sure you're not hit by more than one. Conversely, the boss occasionally uses ice, which casts an AOE around the arena which increases in size when a blue symbol flashes on screen. Both spells will be used when the boss casts Dualspell, though only one will have its additional effect triggered.

When the boss changes back to Mage form for a second time, it will add in the attack Iceflame Summoning. This leaves two fire and two ice AOEs on the ground. One group of these will expand based on the symbol that flashes on the screen, so stay in the center and then move to the safe side once this happens.

Martialist - Red

Ascendant Fist: Tankbuster.

The boss will knock players away from the center after casting Archaic Rockbreaker (standing in the blue circle will kill instantly). From there, the cracks on the ground will light up and explode after a certain amount of time, so stay away — this happens two times. Meanwhile, Ascendant Fist will target two players with stack markers. The party should split into two groups of four to soak the damage, though you can survive this with uneven groups (just don't get hit by both attacks).

Finally, the boss will make use of a combination attack. This is an AOE that must be avoided, combined with a semicircular cleave based on the attack name: Front Combination will hit forwards after the cast completes, Rear Combination behind.

Beast - Green

Gluttonous Rampage: Tankbuster on both tanks. Will do more damage the closer each tank is to the boss.

Players will be marked at the start of this phase with AOEs that leave a lingering tornado after the cast completes. Right after, the boss will knock players away from the center using Beastly Roar. Avoid getting hit by the tornadoes, either by getting knocked back into a safe area, or by using a knockback prevention skill.

The other main combination is Comet, which drops multiple proximity AOEs, into Ecliptic Meteor. To survive the meteor, hide behind the one rock that isn't glowing, then move away from it after the meteor detonates.

Final Fantasy XIV Anabaseios The Tenth Circle Guide

Soul Grasp: Tankbuster requiring both tanks to stack.

Wicked Step: Tankbuster, requiring each tank to stand in a separate tower.

Harrowing Hell: Raidwide. Hits multiple times, and does a lot of damage compared to other raidwides in this raid series.

The arena for this fight is slightly different from normal, having two addition side areas in addition to the main square section — also take note of the four small pillars near each corner. When the boss uses Silkspit, certain players will be marked by AOEs. Make sure to spread these out, avoiding other players and the pillars — this includes making sure the AOEs do no overlap. If done incorrectly, players will become tethered by webs. Running through the webs will cause the tether to be broken, otherwise the player will die after a short amount of time.

Pandaemonic Pillars causes a number of small towers to appear, requiring one player in each. After the tower drops, it will either case a close range or donut AOE a few seconds later — chains means close range, lights means donut. The other main AOE to avoid is Pandaemonic Ray, which will hit the side of the arena the boss' head is facing once the cast completes.

As for what the sides of the arena are used for, this is where the attack Touchdown comes into play. The boss will cast an expanding AOE in the center of the arena, which can only be avoided by moving to the side platforms. One side will have a thin web platform across the poison, marking it as safe. Make sure to move back to the center after Touchdown completes, as it'll usually be followed up by Pandaemonic Pillars or more AOEs.

Final Fantasy XIV Anabaseios The Eleventh Circle Guide

Eunomia: Raidwide, with an additional DOT afterwards.

Dike: Tankbuster on each tank.

The main mechanic in this fight is the use of dark and light. When Themis casts certain skills, there will be a gold or purple effect above his head. This determines what AOE will appear directly after the first attack completes — move away from the boss for gold, and move in for purple. This applies to the attacks Divisive Ruling, Dismissal Ruling, and Upheld Ruling, along with the clones that appear later in the fight when the boss uses Shadowed Messenger.

The other use of this is with the appropriately named Dark and Light. This cast leaves dark and light AOEs on the ground, before being followed by Sigils of Discord. Sigils of Discord puts either a gold or purple debuff on you, and you must move into the opposite colored AOE to avoid taking damage.

Final Fantasy XIV Anabaseios The Twelfth Circle Guide

On the Soul: Raidwide

Theos's Ultima: Raidwide

Glaukopis: Tankbuster

Trinity of Souls is the main AOE Athena uses throughout the fight. Her wings will light up three times, with the side the light appears on determining which side the AOEs will hit. After three wings light up, the AOEs will then be cast in order.

The other main attack used throughout the fight is Superchain Theory, which leaves multiple tethered orbs on the arena. Symbols will move towards the orbs, causing an AOE once they touch — orbs will create small AOEs, while the circles create a donut AOE that hits the rest of the arena. The length of the tether determines how long it'll take before the AOE comes out.

Occasionally (both during Superchain Theory or on its own), the boss will use Parthenos. This is a line AOE that goes across the entire arena, based on the direction Athena is facing. Stay to the sides to avoid this — during Superchain Theory, this attack is sometimes used before the donut AOE appears.

Midway through the fight, Athena will use Unnatural Enchainment to target certain parts of the arena with chains. These parts will be removed after the cast completes, leaving you less of the arena to move around on (you can't even jump while parts of the arena are missing). This continues until only a couple pieces of the arena are left.

The first time most of the arena disappears, Athena will eventually use Ultima Blades. Afterwards, she'll be untargetable, spawning a number of Anthropos. These must be killed quickly, before Athena's Power reaches 100. During this section, the Anthropos will casts conal AOEs, while individual players are periodically targeted with large AOEs.

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