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Final Fantasy Little Ladies

An event filled year for Final Fantasy XIV continues with the latest Little Ladies' Day event. Running until March 31, Little Ladies' Day 2022 is a short but enjoyable take on the yearly event that brings together a few NPCs from across the game.

Main Event Quest | Little Ladies Day 2022

Unlike most recent Final Fantasy XIV events, the main section of Little Ladies' Day 2022 is a single quest, “Fashion Face-off”. This quest can be found in Ul’dah, Steps of Nald at X: 10, Y: 8.6 via the NPC Marabel. Marabel is a clothing designer who wants to win the yearly fashion contest, elisting you help realise her goal.

This starts by talking with 4 NPCs across Ul’dah — 2 in the Steps of Nald, 2 in the Steps of Thal. All 4 can be found by following the road east from where the quest starts, with the exact locations being:

  • Unoccupied Citizen — Steps of Nald X:11.7, Y: 8.2
  • Jolly Citizen — Steps of Nald X:12.8, Y: 8.7
  • Distressed Citizen — Steps of Thal X: 14, Y: 10.4
  • Muscular Citizen — Steps of Thal X: 14, 11.9

After talking to all 4 NPCs, you must then return to Marabel, who can now be found in the Steps of Thal at X: 10.1, Y: 12.4. After talking to her (and then waiting at the designated spot in the same place when she leaves), you will then head back to the Steps of Nald. At X: 10.6, Y: 8.2 — next to the event-specific stage — Marabel will be waiting for you. She offers a choice of 2 outfits for the event, though either one will see you winning the grand prize.

Said grand prize is the Little Lady's Crown, a small headpiece that is not race-restricted. This is also the only new reward that is available for Little Ladies' Day 2022, with previous items only obtainable via the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store.

Event Extras | Little Ladies Day 2022

Event Extras FFXIV Little Ladies

Once the main quest is completed, you’ll gain access to the repeatable quest “A Stylish Transformation”. This quest will allow you to dress up a handful of NPCs, including the guildmaster of the Miner's Guild, and fan favorite Godbert Manderville. Each character will have 2 outfits to choose from, and all options can be selected due to the quest being re-acceptable while the event is ongoing. For each completion of the quest, you’ll receive 10 Peach Confetti and 10 Cherry Confetti — more confetti can be bought via the Royal Handmaiden NPC at X: 10.4, Y: 8.6 for 10 Gil each.

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