Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-tide 2022 Event Guide

Last Update: April 14, 2022


Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-tide 2022 key art

Easter has arrived in Final Fantasy XIV with the return of Hatching-tide, a seasonal event full of eggs and bunnies. The event runs until April 27 2022, and gives you the chance to unlock a couple of new items – including a new egg-themed emote.Here's your guide to Final Fantasxy XIV Hatching-tide 2022!

Hippity, Hoppity, Happily

Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-tide NPC Jihli Aliapoh

Hatching-tide 2022 consists of a single level 15 quest, “Hippity, Hoppity, Happily”. This quest can be accepted from the NPC Jihli Aliapoh in Old Gridania at X: 10.2, Y: 9.4.

After talking with her, you’ll then head to X: 5.3, Y: 7.8 near the Botanist Guild in Old Gridania. The NPC Nonotta will talk about some mysterious creatures that are causing trouble, sending you to talk to various witnesses in Gridania.

The first can be found at X: 8.3, Y: 8.5. After talking to the Bewildered Botanist, you are then shown multiple objective markers in New Gridania. However, only one of these is needed to progress the quest.

In New Gridania at X: 12.6, Y: 13.4, talk to the NPC Hatching-tide Helpmeet. They’ll task you with completing the FATE “Happiness Is a Warm Bunny”

Happiness Is a Warm Bunny

Multiple players catching bunnies in Final Fantay XIV Hatching-tide event.

The FATE is found in the south part of Central Shoud, at around X: 25, Y: 29 (it’ll be marked while the quest is still active). Here, you must snare Happy Bunnies using action Seize, which is given to you for the duration of the fate. Pressing Seize near a bunny will capture it, with the amount captured determining your reward at the end. Getting a gold in the FATE nets you 10 Fortune Eggs, which is enough for the main reward of Hatching-tide 2022.

If you don’t get gold on your first attempt (or want to earn enough Fortune Eggs for every reward), the FATE spawns frequently – you’ll need a total of 15 eggs for all 3 rewards.

Hatching-tide 2022 Quest Rewards

After completing the FATE at least once, head back to Jihli Aliapoh in Old Gridania (who is now accompanied by Nonotta) to finish up the quest. Completing the quest gets you the Hatching Bunny minion.

For the rest of the items, you must head to the Dreamer NPC in Old Gridania at X: 10.2, Y: 9.2. They sell the Eat Egg emote for 9 Fortune Eggs, the Eggsemplary Basket and Hatching-tide Mobile housing items for 3 each, and Magicked Prisms (Hatching-tide) for 1 a piece.

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