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Final Fantasy XIV Aglaia duty

Patch 6.1 of Final Fantasy XIV introduces the first part of the Myths of the Realm alliance raid series. Named Aglaia, this new 8-man duty sees you facing members of the Twelve, gods worshipped by the denizens of Eorzea. However, unlocking this raid has slightly different requirements from the alliance raids in previous expansions. In our Final Fantasy XIV Aglaia Unlock Guide, we'll detail what you need to do to enter this latest raid, along with the rewards you'll be able to obtain.

Final Fantasy XIV Aglaia Unlock Requirements

Final Fantasy XIV Fresh-Faced Student NPC

Even if you're all caught up with previous Endwalker content, there are a few quests that must be completed before you can even start the Myths of the Realm questline. For Aglaia, the main prerequisite is Patch 6.1 main story progression. There are 5 main story quests that must be done (with one including the latest dungeon), with the final quest being "A Brother's Grief". The Myths of the Realm starting sidequest will become available right before the completion of A Brother's Grief.

Once this is done, you can then head to Old Sharlayan. Here, the NPC "Fresh-faced Student" at X: 9.1, Y: 11.4 will give you the quest "A Mission in Mor Dhona". Following this quest is "The Realm of the Gods", which unlocks the duty Aglaia.

To enter Aglaia, you must be on a level 90 job that has an average item level of 565. This is easily reached via your artifact gear gained at level 89, along with a few upgrades via dungeon accessories.

For a full list of ways to increase your item level in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, check out our Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Gear Guide for 6.1.

Final Fantasy XIV Aglaia Rewards

The main reward from Aglaia is ilvl 590 "Panthean" equipment (this does not include weapons) dropped by each of the main bosses. While you can roll on multiple pieces of gear, it's only possible to obtain 1 per week.

Every week, you also obtain a bonus reward of 2 Cracked Anthoclusters (used to obtain Grade X materia in Radz-at-Han), and 1 Aglaia Coin. Aglaia Coins are traded via the NPC Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han at X: 10.6 Y: 10.0. Each coin trades for either 1 Radiant Twine or Radiant Coating. Currently, there's no way to trade the Aglaia Coins for Radiant Roborant, the item used to upgrade weapons.

Radiant Twine is used to upgrade ilvl 590 astronomy tomestone armor to ilvl 600, with Radiant Coating doing the same for accessories. To upgrade your equipment, trade them and the relevant Radiant item to the NPC Khaldeen in Radz-at-Han at X: 10.9, Y: 10.4.

In future patches, this weekly lockout for gear and coins will eventually be removed. Additionally, the Aglaia Coins will potentially be needed for future gear upgrade items as well, so it's worth saving them if there are no current upgrades you want.

Finally, the last boss of Aglaia has a few extra drops aside from equipment. These come in the form of a Wind-up Azeyma minion, 3 orchestrion rolls (Pilgrimage, Radiance, and In the Balance), and Nald Triple Triad cards. Unlike the equipment chests that are exclusive to your party, these extra rewards can be rolled on by all 24 people in the duty.

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