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The odds are against you in battle royales. When there are dozens of individuals competing to defeat you, you'll have to learn every trick in the book to succeed. With Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, this philosophy is key to victory. If you win, you'll be awarded with a highly coveted currency called a Crown. Crowns are used to purchase rare cosmetic items to make your little jelly-bean person a bit more special. When you're against 59 other players, remember these tips and you might just find yourself with a Crown.

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Stop the Grabbing in Fall Guys

If you're like me, you get a sick sort of pleasure out of screwing up your opponents. In Fall Guys, you can be an extremely antagonistic individual by grabbing other players. Grabbing players locks them in place for a short time while they struggle to break free. This might sound advantageous if you're racing or fending off a particularly annoying person tailing behind you. However, I've found that focusing on other players and grabbing backfires more often than it helps you.

This tip rings true on several maps, at least. In particularly tight maps such as Tip Toe, where players must discover the correct path to the finish, grabbing can be the end of you. The resistance other players give allow you to have less control over your character, and you might break free, only to fall off the stage. As another example, Roll Out is a cylindrical stage with sections that rotate in different directions. Grabbing another player gives you less mobility, so you might end up falling off the edge as a section of the cylinder gets more and more steep. Trust me, I've been through this one before.

The point is, the more you focus on yourself in the non-team challenges, the more likely you are to succeed.

Know When to Work Against the Other Team in Fall Guys

If you make it to a team stage, congratulations! You're on your way to your first Crown in Fall Guys. The downside is, you have to rely on people other than yourself. Don't worry though—if you do your part, you might be able to make it to the end. Still, you can help your team by actively subverting the efforts of the opponents. There are several stages where focusing on sabotaging the other team is worthwhile. I'll break it down.

For Rock N' Roll, you'll have to roll your ball to the end of an obstacle course and into a goal. There are three separate lanes for each team. You'll want to work with your team to get your ball off the ledge and to the downward slope where the goal is. If you notice one team slightly ahead of you, it might be worthwhile to separate yourself from your own ball and push the enemy team's ball away from the goal. Two teams win this round, so pick on the team doing the worst and assure their defeat. Just make sure to pitch in if your own team is struggling, or else your efforts will be futile.

Hoarders and Egg Scramble are similar. For the former, you need to have as many balls on your team's section as possible. For Egg Scramble, you need to have as many eggs as possible. For both, work against the other team by focusing on stealing. This method only works if there is an even spread of roles people take on, so plan accordingly and don't be afraid to shift your strategy. There is no communication in Fall Guys, so do what you think is best. Sometimes, your best effort won't be enough. That's just how it works.

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Play the Goalie in Fall Guys

Here's one tip I follow religiously. You'll come across a soccer-like team-based game called Fall Ball. This comes up very often in Fall Guys. In almost every match, I notice individuals playing strictly offense. While offense is definitely key in this match, you can make the odds more in your favor by playing goalie. By playing goalie, you can block other players from scoring on your goal by jumping or walking in the way of a ball. This opens up some time for your team to catch up and help you defend.

This is a great alternative to playing offense because the ball has some momentum, and your fall guys are slow; without a goalie, sometimes there isn't enough time to intercept the ball. Furthermore, it isn't uncommon for teams to score on themselves because they try to get around a ball from behind, only pushing it further. It's not the most exciting role, but being a goalie is a valuable one.

Timing is Key in Fall Guys

When you're rushing to the finish, it can be easy to blindly walk forward and deal with an obstacle right before it hits you. But, you'll want to pay attention to the timing of things. In numerous matches, I see players rush forward with haste, only to end up falling pitifully to the gooey pink depths below. Timing is very important in several Fall Guys stages, so let's begin.

The Gate Crash stage has, well, gates that rise and fall to a rhythm. These are always pretty fast and you don't have to pay too much attention to them, with the exception of the final obstacle. At the end, you'll slide down a slope of goo. Waiting for you are three gates; the two on the sides slide up and down in unison, and the one in the middle goes at a different interval from the two on either side. I always focus on the gate that is starting to rise. The way the timing works, by the time you get to the bottom it'll usually be completely open for you to jump through.

Obviously, for any level with a propeller, swinging ball, or any other moving obstacle, you'll want to plan accordingly. And for goodness sake, don't go on the middle ramp at the end in The Whirlygig—you'll just get hit off the edge. Timing just doesn't help for that one. And do time your jump with the rotating propeller at the end. Countless people jump forward hoping to make it through an opening that isn't there. Be patient, and you will succeed—later levels don't require such timing.

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Notice the Direction of Obstacles in Fall Guys

For several levels, you'll have bars rotating in a circle or round conveyor belts moving in certain directions. The key for each of these is simple. If there are conveyor belts, do not go against their direction, as other players will speed on ahead. You'll end up getting to your destination faster by following the arrows on the conveyor belts than trying to go against them. This specifically applies to Dizzy Heights.

For any level with rotating bars, such as The Whirlygig and Jump Club, walk in the opposite direction the bar is going. Don't try to jump with the bar behind you—jump with it coming towards you so you're less likely to get knocked over. In the case of Jump Club, you'll want to walk forward for a bit to make sure the top bar doesn't knock you over. Once the top and bottom bar are far enough apart, jump with the bottom one coming your way. Alternatively, rotating bumpers like in Team Tail Tag can knock you over and leave you vulnerable. Go in the direction these are swinging to throw off opponents and make your escape.

If you make it to Fall Mountain, there's several spinning obstacles near the end. Players will most definitely lose their lead in the race if they try to walk in the direction opposite of the spinning bumper. If you get hit after moving in the direction of said spinner, it will at least knock you in the direction of your goal.

Those are all the early tips we have based on our time with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Do you have any tips or tricks for Fall Guys? Did these help you win? Let us know in the comments below!

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