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Between ten different Origins to pick from and nine different Keepsakes there's a lot for you to have to decide when first loading up Elden Ring for the first time. A lot of flexibility in building your character can be a freeing feeling, but might also leave you scratching your head like so many terms get thrown around. In this Elden Ring Character Creation guide, we'll go over what your physical appearance affects, what each of the Origins is, and what Keepsakes do.

What does your character look influence?

Absolutely nothing, you can alter your character's physical characteristics as much as you want. Even after picking what class you'll play as it only affects the starting stats if you begin as one thing you can always just put more experience into another stat as it fits your playstyle.


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Elden Ring Statistics and what they mean

Elden Ring Statistics Guide

Elden Ring Origin Options

You'll pick a class and that will determine what starting stats you have, what level you begin at, what starting equipment you also have


  • Prisoner - Combine both melee and spellcasting with the Prisoner class. As you begin you'll find that you gain slower access to the kinds of weapons or abilities that both Melee and Spellcaster classes but that when you get into the later levels this combination of high-level melee and spellcasting will make you extremely formidable
  • Wretch - This class is the ultimate blank slate. Starting at level 1 this class has balanced stats across the board. It's much more difficult to start out as the Wretch but you can custom tailor your build to become as fine-tuned as you want.

Melee Balanced

  • Vagabond - This class is a strength-melee focused, can get some minimal magic use but shouldn't be counting on it
  • Samurai - This class is melee-focused like the Vagabond but leans further towards Dexterity-based weapons. Where the Vagabond can move into some magic use the Samurai instead has a bow to attack from afar.

Melee Focus

  • Warrior - This class specifically focuses on Dexterity-melee. You get to begin with a scimitar.
  • Hero - This class specifically focuses on Strength-melee.
  • Bandit - This class focuses on fighting through stealth. Backstabs and long-ranged bow attacks will take up the majority of your gameplay, but this class gets a bit riskier to play in situations where stealth isn't an option.
  • Confessor - As opposed to being offensive the confessor is a defensive character. You might find yourself dying less often, but it will be at the expense of your upper potential in the late game.

Spellcaster Focus

  • Astrologer - This class is a Sorcery-focused spellcaster, you'll be putting your points here into Intelligence. The Astrologer's second-best stats are in dexterity so when you get pushed into a melee situation you'll use dex-based weaponry.
  • Prophet - Like the Astrologer but with a focus on Faith instead of Intelligence. With offensive attacks as well as defensive/healing abilities the Prophet is a flexible spellcaster.

Elden Ring Character Creation Guide Origin

What are Keepsakes in Elden Ring?

Not only do you get to pick what class you'll take, but you can also pick a Keepsake. There are a variety of Keepsakes that can give you a special effect at the start of the game, something that will be persistent through your whole playthrough, or even a few early consumables to help you through the early game.

Permanent Boosts

  • Crimson Amber Medallion - Increases your maximum HP
  • Golden Seed - Grants an additional use of your flask
  • Fanged Imp Ashes - Can summon an Imp at Rebirth Monuments
  • Shabiri's Woe - Attracts enemy aggression


  • Lands Between Rune - Grants the user a large number of Runes
  • Cracked Pot - Three pots that can contain certain thrown items
  • Stonesword Key - Two keys to break Imp's Seals, but break upon use
  • Bewitching Branch - Five branches that are "said to originate from the demigod Miquella
  • Boiled Prawn - Five meats that boost defense against physical damage
  • None - It's possible to pick no Keepsake at all if you want to give yourself a challenge

What is statistically the best class?

Crunching the numbers there's statistically no best class in terms of starting level and stat allocation. While classes like Vagabond might have a 15 in Vigor and the Astrologer has a 9 in Vigor all of the stats balance out in the end. As mentioned above, it's the Wretch that has the most potential as it starts with every stat at 10 but the other classes beginning at less that 10 offer the best chance of getting furthest with the stat of your choice. This logic only really applies if you're planning on leaving any of that stats under 10 where they are.


By the time each of the classes reaches level 10 they will all have had the chance to have collected the same number of stats off the average so what differences they might have is only really relevant to level 10.

How do I level up?

Instead of Souls what you'll gather from fallen foes and certain items are Runes. You'll collect Runes as you play and after you have met Melinda you'll be able to spend Runes to level up your character.


Rest at any Site of Grace and pick the Level Up option. Spend your runes on different starts to start growing your character.

Don't feel afraid of leveling your character incorrectly as later on in the game you'll encounter Larval Tears that can be used to reallocate any of your spent skill points.

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