E3 2016 - Idea Factory Goes Over 2016 Release Plans

Published: June 16, 2016 6:32 PM /



Much like with NIS America, we sat down with Idea Factory International to learn more about some of their upcoming games. The company walked us through a few of their upcoming titles with some hands-off demos, as well as talked about the upcoming Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force.

MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death

Meiq Screen

With this DRPG from the developers of Trillion: God of Destruction, creating a game for the hardcore audience was a primary goal. The Mage and Guardian system help the game stand out as you can only ever have 4 characters in battle at a time, though each character has a corresponding Guardian that they can swap to and use. Guardians are giant customizable mechs that each have their own personalities - players can customize nearly everything about them, including their core, their arms, and their body. Each part of the Guardian that you choose has its own special attributes and grants the Guardian special skills. Matching parts with your Guardian unlocks stronger versions of skills, though different dungeons will require different sets of skills and therefore different parts to successfully traverse.

As for Mage characters, they're much weaker than their Guardian counterparts, though they're the only way to heal a Guardian. The main character Estro can change her costume to change her stats, much like the Guardians, though every Mage can change their "Seed", much like in the way that Guardians can swap out their cores. Although they aren't as powerful as a Guardian, Mage's can help with Support, and may use some of their own exclusive magic attacks.

With subsequent playthroughs unlocking harder and harder difficulty modes, and the especially large amount of character customization, DRPG players might want to keep an eye on this one when it releases on Vita later this year.

Superdimension Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls


Much like HyperDevotion Noire, Superdimension Neptune is a Hyperdimension Neptunia spin-off title that features a different character as the leading role. In Superdimension's case, Iffy takes the handle (a motorcycle Neptune's, in fact) and sets out on her own adventure along with the Sega Hard Girls. Conceptually a very similar franchise as Neptunia, Sega Hard Girls are anthropomorphic representations of various Sega hardware.

Superdimension Neptune's gameplay is very similar to the main Neptunia franchise. The new mechanics at work here are Iffy's Flame Awaken form, the added mobility in the overworld - including jumping, crawling, running, and more - and the addition of items that you can find floating in the air during combat sessions.

The story revolves around Iffy teaming up with the Sega Hard Girls to save the world, as pages from the books in the Grand Library have begun to disappear. The title releases later this year, also on the Vita.

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force


Half an enhanced version of the original title that released on PlayStation 3 and PC and half an entirely new game, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force includes new dungeons, new story content, new gameplay features, and more. IFI didn't have a PlayStation 4 to showcase gameplay of the title while at E3, so for everything else you can look forward to the game releasing in Late July. We'll have a review ready for you then, too!

Which of Idea Factory International titles are you looking forward to? Which would you like to hear more about? Share your thoughts in the comments below!