E3 2016 - ELEX Details and Presentation

In this article from 2016, Andrew Otton takes a look at the then-upcoming Piranha Bytes RPG Elex.

Published: June 18, 2016 10:00 AM /


Jax, the protagonist of the Piranha Bytes game Elex, walking towards the screen in an artsy three-way split image

Unfortunately, our time was short in the presentation of ELEX due to scheduling issues, but from what I saw in only the 5-10 minutes certainly had me interested. Coming from the developers of the Gothic series, ELEX combines both fantasy and sci-fi into one mishmashed world full of tech-enhanced axes, jetpacks, and more.

The thing I saw the most of was obviously the style of the world as the gameplay demo was shown off. It seems to take place fairly far into the future after some major catastrophe as there are broken worn-down roads and transmission towers bent every which way. That is all contrasted from your rather standard fantasy setting. The vistas showed off an interesting clash that somehow come together to form a pretty incredible view.

The player battling a monster in a verdant field in Elex

There was also some gameplay in the demo, but not much. Those familiar with the Gothic series will find what ELEX offers to be somewhat similar. It's more hack-and-slashy than something like Dark Souls, and a lot more fast-paced. The addition of a jetpack of the game adds some interesting mobility as well. I probably only saw 2-3 minutes max altogether, so I can't say much more.

Other than that, we received some information on some RPG options. As in the Gothic series, there will be a few factions for you to choose from and join, which will change up the story and choices you have. Also, you will have the ability to kill just about any NPC in the game. They didn't say who was off-limits, but my understanding that the number would be very few. He demonstrated that by attacking a random NPC in a nearby village.

As said before, unfortunately it was a quick presentation and that's all the info we received on ELEX. We'll certainly be keeping our eye out for more, so check back here on TechRaptor for it!

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