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The ninth level of Doom Eternal, Taras Nabad, features 25 total collectibles to find. You'll also finally get your hands on the Crucible, arguably the most highly anticipated new weapon in Doom Eternal. Do note that after you finish Taras Nabad, this will be the LAST CHANCE to explore the Fortress of DOOM before you complete the game. In total, you'll find:

  • Mastery Tokens
  • Codex Pages
  • Toys
  • 1 Cheat Code
  • 2 Albums
  • 5 Praetor Suit Tokens
  • 3 Sentinel Batteries
  • 1 Sentinel Crystal
  • 1 Empyrean Key

All Collectibles in Doom Eternal Taras Nabad

Codex Entry: Taras Nabad

codex map

Before you cross the first bridge (a Marauder spawns here), look to the left for Codex Entry: Taras Nabad.

Sentinel Battery


From the Codex Entry, walk off the cliff. There's a ledge below with a breakable wall that's hiding the Sentinel Battery.

Album: DOOM 2016 - BFG Division

album map

After killing the Marauder, go forward until you reach the point where you're supposed to use the monkey bars to progress (facing where the Chainsaw fuel is). Go to the right, off the bridge. Be ready to dash to a ledge below the bridge to get the Album: DOOM 2016 - BFG Division.

Praetor Suit Token


After the Mancubus fight on the upper bridge, go left for the Praetor Suit Token.

Mastery Token


When you finish the courtyard fight (an Archvile spawns here), go back to the courtyard entrance. Then, go to the left room. There will be a breakable wall here that's hiding a button. Press the button and a statue will move, revealing the Mastery Token.

Sentinel Battery


On the second floor of the courtyard, there will be a kneeling Sentinel statue in the far right corner that can be punched. It is hiding a button. Press the button to open a gate, which has a weight behind it. Use the climbable wall in the same room to break the chain. Go through the new hole in the floor for the Sentinel Battery.

Praetor Suit Token


Go through the toxic water segment. The Praetor Suit Token will be on your left after you wall climb out.

Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 10


Look for a tree in the courtyard, before the next flight of stairs you'll see the Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 10.

Cyber-Mancubus Toy


From the Codex Entry, go forward, sticking to the right wall. There will be another breakable Sentinel statue in front of you. Punch it, then the button it's hiding. This activates a glowing pad halfway up the stairs, which opens a gate near the bottom of the stairs with the Cyber-Mancubus Toy.

Codex Entry: The Divinity Machine


When the cutscene ends, go right for the Codex Entry: The Divinity Machine.

Empyrean Key


Finish the toxic water sequence in the sewers. Before you jump to the bridge to go to the next area, go left. Collect the Slayer Key, then follow the tunnel to the right to the Slayer Gate, and complete the gate to receive the Empyrean Key.

Cheat Code: Powerup Mode - Overdrive


Get through the next major combat area, then go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, look left. There will be a breakable wall there with a tunnel that leads to Cheat Code: Powerup Mode - Overdrive.

Sentinel Battery

battery codex

When you first see the fallen Titan after wall climbing out of the sewer, go to the left to find the Sentinel Battery

Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 11

On the opposite side of the Sentinel Battery, you'll find Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 11

Praetor Suit Token


Before you remove the Crucible from the Titan's chest, go left and drop down near the hand to find the Praetor Suit Token

Marauder Toy


After getting the Praetor Token, go right. There's a breakable wall there with the Marauder Toy.

Praetor Suit Token


Take the elevator up (before you jump across the chasm to golden building), then circle around the tower to the left to find the Praetor Suit Token.

Sentinel Crystal and Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 12

crystal codex

Go to the ledge of the chasm as if you're progressing normally. Instead of dash jumping across, drop down to the ledge below you. Both the Sentinel Battery and Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 12 will be in the room.

Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 13


Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 13 will be in the same room as the Crucible part that you need to pick up to progress.

Album: Quake 2 - Rage


In the room with the demon skull, you'll have to turn on the jump pads to progress. Use the jump pads then dash in the direction that you entered the room from. There will be a breakable wall in the ceiling that's hiding the Album: Quake 2 - Rage.

Praetor Suit Token


Break through the demon skull room's floor, then circle all the way around the next room for the Praetor Suit Token.

Pain Elemental Toy



Pain Elemental Toy is very tricky. From the Praetor Token, go forward to the ledge of the pit. There is a breakable wall in the pit, just above where the toxic water is. If your're at the ledge from where the Praetor Token is, and you're looking at the pit as a clock, you would be at the 6 and the breakable wall is at about where the 10 or 11 would be. If you miss, you can reload the last checkpoint.

Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 14 and Weapon Mastery Token


Both the Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 14 and Mastery Token can be found by progressing normally, near the end of the level, before you complete the Crucible. 

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