Doom Eternal Collectibles Guide: Super Gore Nest Secrets Locations

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Doom Eternal

The fifth level of Doom Eternal, Super Gore Nest, features 23 total collectibles to find. You'll be fighting through another major Demonic infestation point on Earth and encountering environmental hazards for the first time. In total, you'll find:

  • Modbots
  • Codex Pages
  • 3 Toys
  • 1 Cheat Code
  • 1 Empyrean Key
  • 2 Albums
  • 2 Runes
  • 3 Sentinel Batteries
  • 5 Praetor Suit Tokens
  • Sentinel Crystal

All Collectibles in Doom Eternal Super Gore Nest

Codex Entry: Hellgrowth Pt. 1


Near the beginning of the level, you will have to jump on top of a wrecked train car to a cliff. Codex Entry: Hellgrowth Pt. 1 will be on the cliff.

Codex Entry: Hellgrowth Pt. 2


Codex Entry: Hellgrowth Pt. 2 can be found by normally progressing after the first major combat area, near a gate.



After you get the codex, jump up the shaft. It will be in the room in front of you.

Praetor Suit Token

suit map

There will be a circular combat area in the upper floors of what used to be a building. Clear it out, then look for a breakable wall between a shop with pink neon lights and a shop with blue lights. This will let you jump onto a pillar, opening a wall in front of you where two zombies will shamble out. The token will be where the zombies were.

Shield Soldier Toy


Back at the circular combat area, the middle flesh pillar will be moving up and down. The pillar also has monkey bars on the side. Use the monkey bars to get to the upper flesh cave (where you'll get an intro to Buff Totems), then immediately turn around and jump to a secret flesh cave that's filled with rocket ammo and the Shield Soldier Toy

Praetor Suit Token


After you clear the Buff Totem room, position yourself so that you're facing the wall with the three flesh cave openings. Enter the leftmost cave to find the Token.



Get the Yellow key card and open the next door. The Rune will be waiting for you after you go into the jump pad.

Cheat code: Infinite Ammo


Clear out the open area in front of the Gore Nest, then look to the left side (facing the Gore Nest) under the main platform. Dash through the breakable wall there to get the Cheat Code.

Sentinel Crystal


After you encounter your first Spectre, the Sentinel Crystal will be in the hallway in front of a sign.

Codex Entry: Super Gore Nest


Codex Entry: Super Gore Nest is located in the same room as the Chaingun.

Sentinel Battery

battery map

After you get the Rad Suit, go all the way forward and to the left. You'll know you're in the right area if there's a rotating pillar that's shooting out fireballs. The Sentinel Battery is just around the corner.

Revenant Toy


Eventually, you will come across a room with toxic waterfalls. Jump to the bottom of this room, and look for a cave of sorts near one of the waterfalls. The Revenant Toy will be in that cave.

Praetor Suit Token


Get the Red Key, then go left into the toxic sludge.



After you press the skull button to open the way to the second terminal, go left, following the flesh cave.

Praetor Suit Token


The Praetor Suit Token will be next to a cube that you need to punch to advance.

Sentinel Battery


Located next to a wall that you have to punch to advance, you'll find the Sentinel Battery there.

Album: DOOM 3 - Main Theme


If you're facing the breakable wall, go to the right and jump out the window. Use the rotating monkey bar to make your way to the next building and the Album.



Punch through the wall and it will be immediately on the left.

Praetor Suit Token


During the wall climbing platform segment, get to the second climbable wall. Turn around to see the Token behind you.

Album: Wolf 3D - Wondering About My Loved Ones


After you get the Blue Key, there will be a toxic area and a bridge. Cross the bridge then go left. 

Mech Zombie Toy


After you get the Album, go outside until you reach a jump pad that's behind a blue gate. Take the jump pad and dash at the corner of a nearby building to get the Mech Zombie Toy.

Sentinel Battery and Empyrean Key


Go back to the aforementioned jump pad and look for a climbable wall. It will be in front of you if you face the only wall in the jump pad flesh tower without a gate. Go to the climbable wall and follow the next series of hallways to find the Sentinel Battery and a Slayer Key next to each other.

The Slayer Gate will be back in the main Gore Nest area. Look for a pipe under the Vorus building.

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