Doom Eternal Collectibles Guide: Nekravol Secrets Locations

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The tenth level of Doom Eternal, Nekravol, features 13 total collectibles to find. You're making one final trip to Hell, this time armed to the teeth with the Crucible, BFG 9000, and the Unmaykr (if you've got all the Empyrean Keys that is). In total, you'll find:

  • Codex Pages
  • Toys
  • 1 Cheat Code
  • 1 Sentinel Crystal
  • 3 Praetor Suit Tokens
  • 1 Album
  • 2 Mastery Tokens

All Collectibles in Doom Eternal Nekravol

Sentinel Crystal

crystal map

In the opening area, go up the stairs, then to the left. The Sentinel Crystal will be past the wall blasters.

Codex Entry: Nekravol Pt. 1 


After the first monkey bar jump, don't drop down. Jump across to the next platform, then make a left to find Codex Entry: Nekravol Pt. 1.

Baron Toy


After you fight the Tyrant and step on the green plate in the courtyard, go back to where you entered the area. Use the monkey bars to swing all the way up to the opposite building and land on the climbable wall. Go to the top, make a twist jump to the left, then drop through the hole in the floor to find the Baron Toy.

Praetor Suit Token


Eventually, you will fight a demon that looks like a giant brain. Kill it, climb up the wall behind it, then go right to find the Praetor Suit Token.

Mastery Token


Continue as normal until you get to a room with a Spectre and Pinky. Kill them, then look in the cage where they came from where you'll find the Mastery Token.

Praetor Suit Token

suit 2

From the Mastery Token, go right and up the stairs to find the Praetor Suit Token.

Gladiator Toy

toy map

From the Praetor Token, go left until you reach the chasm. Don't jump across yet. Instead, turn around, and drop off the edge. Get ready to dash into a secret area just below the edge. Follow the tunnel to the Gladiator Toy.

Doom Hunter Toy and Mastery Token


Eventually there'll be a room with ceiling mashers and Dr. Hayden will say how humans have to be tenderized. To the right side of the first masher is a breakable wall. Go through for both the DOOM Hunter Toy, and Mastery Token.

Codex Entry: Fuel the Eternal Flame Pt. 1


Eventually, you'll find a room where you have to press two skull buttons to progress. The Codex Entry: Fuel the Eternal Flame Pt. 1 will be near the right skull button, basically where the skull is facing.

Cheat Code: Famine

cheat map

From the Codex, turn around and go down the hall until you get to the room with the crates of humans going up. Wait until a crate goes up, then drop down the hole to find a secret room with Cheat Code: Famine inside.

Album: Keen - You've Got to Eat Your Vegetables

album map

After you press the left skull button, turn around and go down the hall to the left side human crate room. Look for a small flight of stairs and go up to find Album: Keen - You've Got to Eat Your Vegetables.

Praetor Suit Token


In the final room where you fight two Doom Hunters, use the monkey bars from the statue side of the room to get to the upper level. Then go left. Get past the mashers and flamethrowers to get the Praetor Suit Token.

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