Doom Eternal Collectibles Guide: Nekravol Part 2 Secrets Locations

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The eleventh level of Doom Eternal, Nekravol Part 2, features 15 total collectibles to find. You're going to be continuing your rampage through Hell, eventually making your way to the realm of the Maykrs. In total, you'll find:

  • Codex Pages
  • Toys
  • Cheat Codes
  • 3 Praetor Suit Tokens
  • 2 Albums
  • Mastery Token
  • 1 Sentinel Crystal

All Collectibles in Doom Eternal Nekravol Part 2

Mastery Token


Shortly after the mission starts, you'll come across a bridge with spinning flamethrower platforms to the sides. On the left side of the bridge, roughly where the green flame is, there'll be a jump pad. Use the jump pad to reach the first platform. Jump dash to the next platform to get the Mastery Token.

Album: Wolf 3D - Get Them Before They Get You


From the Token, make one more jump dash to the climbable wall on the main building and climb up to get Album: Wolf 3D - Get Them Before They Get You.

Sentinel Crystal


After making your way into the main building, continue down the hallway, then go right to find the Sentinel Crystal.

Codex Entry: Nekravol Pt. 2


At some point, there will be a room with a giant blue pylon-like structure. Clear it out, then continue as normal down the hall. The Codex Entry: Nekravol Pt. 2 will be in front of a health pack and some rockets.

Dread Knight Toy


Continue down the hall with the codex. There will be a breakable wall on the right, just before the bend, where you can find the Dread Knight Toy.

Cheat Code: Party Mode


Keep going down the hallway. When you reach the end, don't jump down yet. Instead, jump to a ledge on the left. When you're on the ledge, look right, at the hallway that you just came from. There is a breakable wall just below the end of the hallway, behind which is Cheat Code: Party Mode.

Codex Entry: Fuel the Eternal Flame Pt. 2


Codex Entry: Fuel the Eternal Flame Pt. 2 can be found by progressing normally after the Marauder fight.

Album: DOOM 2016 - Flesh and Metal


After getting the Codex Entry, look at the left wall. One section of it is breakable, and Album: DOOM 2016 - Flesh and Metal is behind it.

Tyrant Toy

toy map

Eventually, you'll reach an area with three spinning fire columns. You need to jump onto the lower part of the center column. Turn around, drop off the ledge, then immediately dash forward to get into a secret room where the Tyrant Toy is located.

Praetor Suit Token


After taking the elevator up, you'll enter an upper area with no floor. To progress normally, you have to dash forward. To get the Praetor Suit Token, dash left, through the breakable wall.

Codex Entry: Fuel the Eternal Flame Pt. 3


Proceed as normal, Codex Entry: Fuel the Eternal Flame Pt. 3 be waiting for you right before you get onto a climbable wall.

Archvile Toy


Once you reach the giant jump pad, you want to turn around and back into it so that you're facing the direction you just came from. About halfway up the tube is a breakable wall with the Archvile Toy behind it.

Praetor Suit Token


At some point, you'll have to jump to a building where there's blue flames in the center of a room. Circle all the way around the blue flame room to the other side of where you entered to find the Praetor Suit Token.

Praetor Suit Token and Cheat Code: Instant Stagger Mode


After you clear out the roof (a Tyrant spawns here), there'll be a green plate that you have to step on. Behind it is a platform. Jump up to the platform then walk to the chasm. While facing the initial green plate, walk off into the chasm and immediately dash forward into the secret room to find both a Praetor Suit Token and Cheat Code: Instant Stagger Mode.

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