Doom Eternal Collectibles Guide: DOOM Hunter Base Secrets Locations

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The fourth level of Doom Eternal, DOOM Hunter Base, features 16 total collectibles to find. You'll be fighting your first boss fight here as you go after the second Hell Priest. In total, you'll find:

  • Modbot
  • Codex Pages
  • Toys
  • 1 Cheat Code
  • 1 Rune
  • 1 Album
  • 4 Praetor Suit Tokens
  • 2 Sentinel Batteries
  • 1 Sentinel Crystal

All Collectibles in Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base



After you leave the tram and get past the laser barrier, the modbot will be on the left, in front of the door.

Praetor Suit Token


From the modbot's location, turn around to face the direction of the tram. Use the monkey bars to get to the upper platform. You will have to double dash to the Token.

Sentinel Battery


After you encounter the first Pinky, look for a ramp near where you first entered the room. There is a breakable floor under the ramp that leads to the Sentinel Battery.

Codex Entry: Doom Hunter Base


Leave the room where you first encounter a Pinky, then go up the stairs. Codex Entry: Doom Hunter Base will be near the window.

Lost Soul Toy


Eventually, there will be a small cutscene showing the falling climbable walls. Make your way past the room with two Revenants to find a moving platform above a pool of lava. Take the platform up and turn around to find the Lost Soul Toy in a vent.

Codex Entry: Deag Ranak

dr codex

Open the next door and look to the right to find Codex Entry: Deag Ranak.



The Rune is on the left side of the room where Deag Ranak's Codex Entry is.

Album: Keen - Shadows Don't Scare Commander Keen


There will be a cutscene where a demon's torso is being removed from a coffin. This leads to a wall climbing segment where you will have to jump onto a pillar. Climb to the highest point of the pillar, then make a twist jump to the right and go up. This should lead to the inside of the pillar with the album.

Cheat Code: Silver Bullet Mode


From the album, continue as normal until you reach a circular platform with a hole in the middle. The Cheat Code will be at the top of the platform and will be very hard to miss.

Praetor Suit Token


Drop down the aforementioned hole in the platform that the Cheat Code is on. 

Sentinel Crystal


After you make your way to the exterior, there will be a platforming sequence with falling climbable walls and monkey bars. Normally, this leads you to the Red key card building. The Sentinel Crystal is on the outside of said building, near the wall that you have to climb to get the card.

Sentinel Battery

battery 2

Climb the wall to get inside the Red key card, then go right to find the Sentinel Battery.

Praetor Suit Token


Use the Red key card to enter a room and take the stairs. At the top of the stairs, go right, jump onto some boxes, and into the open vent.

Praetor Suit Token


At some point, you will find yourself outside again, this time on a roof that is covered in Hell energy. Make your way all the way around the roof to get to the Token.

Codex Entry: Doom Hunter


Codex Entry: Doom Hunter is located in the middle of a hallway after the demon torso construction cutscene.

Hell Knight Toy


From the DOOM Hunter Codex Entry's location, turn around to find a green button near the ceiling. Shoot it to reveal a secret room with the Hell Knight Toy.

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