Doom Eternal Collectibles Guide: ARC Complex Secrets Locations

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The sixth level of Doom Eternal, ARC Complex, features 25 total collectibles to find. You'll be going through the in-game headquarters of the Human resistance on Earth and encounter a very annoying new Demon. In total, you'll find:

  • Modbots
  • Codex Pages
  • Toys
  • 1 Cheat Code
  • 3 Sentinel Batteries
  • 1 Sentinel Crystal
  • 5 Praetor Suit Tokens
  • 2 Albums
  • 2 Runes
  • 1 Empyrean Key

All Collectibles in Doom Eternal Arc Complex

Mancubus Toy


In the first combat encounter, look for the room that the Mancubus bursts out of. You'll find the Mancubus Toy here.

Praetor Suit Token


Eventually, there will be a collapsed floor. Jump through the floor, then follow the next flight of stairs. The Token will be on the right, behind a breakable shop window.



Shortly after you encounter the Cyber-Mancubus, there will be some rubble between two neon blue ARC signs that conveniently forms a ramp. Go up the ramp and jump to the right. The Modbot will be next to the railing.

Sentinel Battery and Cueball Toy


Facing the Modbot, turn around and go forward to find some stairs. Take the stairs up, then make a left. Dash across the gap to get the Sentinel Battery and the Cueball Toy.

Empyrean Key

key map

Collect the Battery, then turn around and look for a climbable wall on the left. Get to the wall, then jump backwards to the other side of the building. The Slayer Gate is back across the gap, near the top of the stairs.

Cheat Code: IDKFA


Go back to the Modbot. You will have to use monkey bars to get to the other side of the building. Right after you land, there is a hole in the floor with the Cheat Code.



Get the Cheat Code, then go up the stairs. Head right to a breakable wall.

Codex Entry: The ARC Pt. 1


At some point, you will have to make a long jump to the next building. After you land, head left, over the rubble. Go through the breakable wall to get to the stairwell. Head up the stairs for Codex Entry: The ARC Pt. 1.

Sentinel Crystal


In the same stairwell, look for an opening in the wall, about one floor down from the Codex Entry. Go through the opening, then immediately make a right to find the Sentinel Crystal.

Praetor Suit Token


After a monkey bar segment and a Hell Knight spawn, go left to the green lit elevator shaft. The token will be near a UAC hologram.

Codex Entry: Samuel Hayden


After making your way through a crashed plane, you'll find yourself in what presumably was an apartment. Make your way up one floor. Codex Entry: Samuel Hayden will be behind a pillar near the edge of the building, where the windows would normally be.

Praetor Suit Token

From the Codex Entry, look to the other side of the building. Dash across.

Whiplash Toy


At the top of the purple stairs, go left. The Whiplash Toy will be in the rubble.



Can be found in the burning hallway, next to an objective marker.

Codex Entry: The ARC Pt. 2


After you clear out Mario's a la Carte Restaurant, look for the kitchen. The receptionist desk, and Codex Entry: The ARC Pt. 2 will be nearby. 

Sentinel Battery


After using the first turret, you will have to clear a hallway. Look for a room marked A9 for the Sentinel Battery.

Codex Entry: The Return of Dr. Samuel Hayden Pt. 1


At some point, the floor will collapse, again. Get out of the hole, then look for a room with what appear to be generators. Codex Entry: The Return of Dr. Samuel Hayden Pt. 1 will be in the far left corner next to a generator.

Praetor Suit Token


After you leave the generator room, go right.



There will be another hole in the floor. Drop down it, then look left. The Rune will be behind some rubble.

Sentinel Battery


In the room with the purple goo, you will have to punch a cube to get to a monkey bar. Use the next dash reset to get to the Sentinel Battery.

Codex Entry: The Return of Dr. Samuel Hayden Pt. 2


There will be an electrified hallway segment. Get past it, then look on the left for a security booth. There will be a button that you can press. Backtrack down the hallway and go through the now unlocked door to find Codex Entry: The Return of Dr. Samuel Hayden Pt. 2.

Album: Quake 2 - Quad Machine

album map

After getting the Codex Entry, look right. Drop down, then go forward and to the left. The Album will be next to the far left generator, behind some boxes.

Album: Quake 3 - Intro


After using the second turret, you will be in a parking garage. Go to the room on the left from where you first came in, on the upper floor. 

Praetor Suit Token


Go down the garage ramp. It will be in front of you.

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