Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Void 3.0 Guide

Last Update: February 23, 2022


A Warlock in the Void 3.0 menu from Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

Welcome back, Guardians. Chances are once you've logged in you are aware of Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Void 3.0. This is a fundamental overhaul for all of the Void subclasses in the game. So what has changed? What is different? And how can you use these changes to create your own monster Guardian build? We have a general guide for you right here.

The menu showing Warlock Void Aspects as part of Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Void 3.0


Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Void 3.0 Guide – How Has Void Changed?

In the broadest strokes Void 3.0 doesn't radically change this subclass' appeal. It still emphasizes crowd control and disorientation above all over subclasses in Destiny 2. In addition, the various different types of Supers, grenades, and skills that your class is known for will be available right out of the gate. These subclasses are not nerfed or buffed, just remixed.

The difference however is that those skills and abilities are no longer tied to three static trees. In terms of structure, Void 3.0 more closely resembles the versatile customization of the Stasis subclasses first introduced in Beyond Light.  First you have your Abilities. These are your standard mix of class skill (Rift, Barricade, Dodge), your jump, grenade, and melee attack.


In fact, it is grenades where the Void 3.0's changes are the most apparent. Originally, Warlocks, Titans, and hunters were locked to three distinct types of grenades. Now, it appears these restrictions have lifted. Everyone can run Suppressor grenades to weaken their targets en masse. Anyone can drop Void Spike grenades in Crucible for some quick ambushes. The list goes on.

Aspects and Fragments

Next are Aspects and Fragments. The Aspects as they currently stand are key class abilities from the older skill trees. Warlock Aspects for example include the ability to charge your grenades to grant them bigger yields, and the ability to gain the Devour status (you heal with every kill for a short time) every time your Void abilities kills something. These Aspects are inherently tied to your specific class, so don't expect to see Warlocks bringing up Wards of Dawn or Titans launching Shadowshots anytime soon.

The Sentinel Titan Void 3.0 Menu showing off new Fragments
Titans with Devour? Dear god...

As for Fragments, they are class agnostic and appear to be identical across all characters. Much like Stasis Fragments, these add certain twists or enhancements to your abilities as well as boosts to your stats. While there are 15 of these Fragments in total, only a few of them are available to each class at first.

Destiny 2 - Void 3.0 Build Recommendations

As for recommended builds, while I can't give any specific configurations I do have some general pointers. First, pay attention to keywords and general playstyles.  For example, the Warlock's Child of The Old Gods Aspect lets you Weaken enemies whenever you cast your Rift. Pair that with Echo of Harvest, which lets you generate Orbs of Power by killing a Weakened enemy can help you synergize and get your Super and abilities going. Throw on Echo of Undermining to let your grenades Weaken as well alongside the Chaos Accelerant Aspect to let you supercharge those grenades (which becomes even more potent with the Contraverse Hold exotic gauntlets) and you have one hell of a control build on your hands.

The second is bear in mind what your Super is equipped to do and have it work alongside that build. In the above example, I'm focusing on crowd control with large area of effects and shutting down enemy attacks more so than damage. So instead of a large damaging Nova Bomb, I might go Nova Warp to get around the battlefield quicker. Or if you're a big fan of PvP and are a Hunter main, Echo of Dilation and Echo of Domineering combined with the Spectral Blades super can make you a deadly invisible assassin on the battlefield. Let the salt flow you sweaty maniac.


Ikora Rey as a Void 3.0 vendor in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen
Fitting that the Warlock that mains Void in canon is helping us figure these things out.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Void 3.0 – How To Unlock New Fragments and Aspects

Curiously enough, unlocking new abilities for Void 3.0 is a a more painless experience than the Stasis scavenger hunt players had to slog through. Simply go to The Tower and talk to Ikora Rey. She'll have a new menu simply called Grow Your Light. Go to the menu and you can purchase any of the new Fragments and abilities mentioned. The only exception to this rule appears to be four Fragments which will be unlocked for the community as a whole once the new Raid, The Vow of the Disciple, has its World First clear. Mark your calendars for March 3 in the meantime. Once these are purchased, you'll get a message from her telling you to meditate in front of her compass. The compass is a few feet to the right from Ikora. Go in front of it, and interact. Congratulations, you have even more options for your Void 3.0 subclass.



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