Destiny 2 Heroic Public Events Guide: Requirements and How to Complete All 8 Events

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Each explorable planet with hostile enemies in Destiny 2 is abundantly filled with optional activities, including public events, which is a great way to earn glimmer, loot, and EXP. Players can also earn better rewards and a higher chance for better equipment by activating the Heroic version of public events. There are some strict requirements to activate Heroic public events. Activating and completing Heroic public events are nearly impossible to complete solo, so highly consider waiting for others or teaming up with a friend. Destiny 2 does not specify how to trigger Heroic public events in-game, so communicate with fellow Guardians to let them know how to trigger Heroic.

Without further ado, here’s all eight public events and how to activate Heroic.

Taken Blight

The Taken Blight event simply tasks players to kill Fallen enemies. To activate Heroic, go inside the force field-like aura of the small blights in order to get a five-second buff called “Blight Receeding.” This temporary buff allows you to deal damage to the huge Blight. Go in and out of the buff-inducing area until you destroy the huge blight. Afterwards, the Heroic event will start, which then spawns a strong Fallen enemy that must be defeated to complete the Heroic event.

Injection Rig

The Injection Rig public event simply tasks players to kill enemies guarding the huge rig. To activate Heroic, players must destroy all heat vents from the Injection Rig. The rig has a total of seven heat vents, with each one opening in sequence every time players kill an Infiltrator Psion. You’ll know when one heat vent has opened as all players inside the field will get hurt due to the heat. The first three vents that open are located at the top, the following three in the middle, then the last one at the bottom. Once Heroic gets activated, a boss enemy will spawn. Defeat the monstrous Cabal to complete the event.

Glimmer Extraction

During the Glimmer Extraction public event, players engage in three rounds of eliminating Fallen extractors. Instead of focusing on killing the Fallen extractors, destroy a small machine that absorbs glimmers. These machines can easily be spotted by the glimmering glimmer above it. Upon destroying all machines, a pile of glimmer will scatter on the floor. Protect the pile of glimmer by standing in the area until. Successfully transmatting the glimmer will complete Heroic.

Ether Resupply

Ether Resupply tasks players to destroy the large boss Servitor. To Activate Heroic, destroy the smaller group of Servitors in the area that huddle together when the boss' health gets halved. Once Heroic is activated, the boss Servitor will get stronger. Proceed to kill the Servitor to complete Heroic.

Arsenal Walker

The Arsenal Walker public event in Destiny 2 simply tasks players to defeat a huge spider tank. To activate Heroic, down the walker to its first portion of health bar for it to spew out arc charges. These arc charges must be deposited in all machines to remove the force fields that contain the scorch canon. Once all force fields have been removed, the Heroic event will activate, causing a second Arsenal Walker to drop in the area. Simply beat both to finish the Heroic.

Witches’ Ritual

Exclusive to the Titan planet, the Witches’ Ritual public event  tasks players to stand on Hex Circles to remove the force field from two Wizards to make them vulnerable to attacks. After killing both Wizards, a stronger one will spawn. To activate Heroic, stand on the Hex Circle during the battle with the boss Wizard to remove the force field from two crystals so you can destroy both of them. Once Heroic activates, strong enemies will spawn, which must be defeated to complete the event.

Disrupt Vex Construction

The Disrupt Vex Construction public event simply tasks players to defend the conflux. To activate Heroic, look around the area to find three plates. Capturing all three plates activates Heroic, causing stronger enemies to spawn. Proceed to continue the conflux until the time counts to zero in order to finish Heroic.

Cabal Excavation

In the Cabal Excavation public event, players must capture the area amidst strong forces of Cabal troops and missiles dropping from the sky. To activate Heroic, destroy the airborne Thresher ship that appears once you have captured around 40 percent of the area. Once Heroic activates, a Cabal Centurion spawns, which you must defeat to complete Heroic.

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