Destiny 2 Guide - A Look at Some of the Best Faction Rally Weapons

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Now that Faction Rallies are live in Destiny 2, you are given a chance to join one of three factions, and thus make your way through one of three different loot tables. While the New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, and Future War Cult offer an interesting array of weaponry and gear for anyone who joins their respective causes, there are some weapon that simply stand out above the rest. Of course, you could choose to represent a faction based on their ideologies and intended goals, but what's the fun in that when there is loot on the table that can mean the difference between winning a Crucible match and ending up on the bottom of the scoreboard?

Heart of Time Pulse Rifle

d2 pulse

Obtained from Future War Cult victory

With a rate of fire of 540 rounds per minute, the Heart of Time is basically an Auto Rifle that is pretending to be a Pulse Rifle. As such, you're not going to be nailing people from across the map with any real consistency, but what Heart of Time is good for is to function as an excellent, well-rounded secondary weapon to compliment the more slower firing primary weapons of Destiny 2, such as the MIDA Multi-Tool. Unfortunately, Heart of Time can only be obtained if the Future War Cult wins the Faction Rally event, so no amount of grinding will help you obtain it sooner, but on the bright side, its Dragonfly perk (which creates explosive headshots) is relatively excellent for PvE.

Pleiades Corrector Scout Rifle

d2 scout

Obtained as a random drop from Future War Cult level up packages

It is no secret that the MIDA Multi-Tool is terrorizing the Crucible in Destiny 2 thanks to its excellent rate of fire, accuracy, and High-Caliber rounds (which makes it harder for people to return fire effectively), but it may soon have some competition from the Future War Cult's newest Scout Rifle, the Pleiades Corrector. In terms of stats, the Corrector is roughly similar to the Multi-Tool, possessing comparable rates of fire, damage, and so on, but it is the Corrector's perks help it stand out as a viable alternative to the Multi-Tool. With High-Caliber Rounds, the Corrector can stagger enemies just as effectively in the Crucible, and if you're facing multiple enemies, Rampage gives you a fighting chance as it increases the damage you do upon a kill. Needless to say, the Corrector is more well rounded for PvE, or if you want to use two very similar and very powerful weapons in the Crucible at the same time.

Unification VII Shotgun

d2 shotgun

Obtained as a random drop from New Monarchy level up packages

When you shoot someone with a shotgun in Destiny 2, one of three things can happen: you either eviscerate them, you find that your shotgun doesn't have quite enough range to instantly kill them and you die trying to shoot again, or you outright miss and die. With the Unification VII though, the latter two scenarios become slightly less common, partially due to the New Monarchy shotgun's fully automatic nature and partially due to its absurd stats. If, for some reason, your target still stands, then the weapon's High-Caliber Rounds will ensure that it is harder for them to shoot back. The largest, and most obvious, downside of the Unification VII is the fact that it has a tiny magazine size, so it may be best not to miss or get too trigger happy.

Royal Dispensation II Submachine Gun

d2 smg

Obtained as a random drop from New Monarchy level up packages

Submachine guns in Destiny 2 are a bit of a niche weapon category, but at close range, there are few better options. The New Monarchy's Royal Dispensation II embodies this maxim to the letter, capable of unloading dozens of bullets into someone's face within seconds, but that's not where the true strength of the gun lies. Until Bungie adjusts how High-Caliber Rounds work in the game (if they ever intend to do so), High-Caliber Rounds on any fast firing weapon makes it almost impossible to return fire in an accurate manner, and as it turns out, Royal Dispensation II has both a high fire rate and High-Caliber Rounds. Granted, you're not really meant to use the Dispensation at any range greater than 10 meters, but if someone were to wander too close to your personal space, then you can almost guarantee that you will win the following exchange unless they have a shotgun.


Unfortunately, the Dead Orbit faction in Destiny 2 has failed to impress this time around, offering a selection of weapons that are either too niche (Sidearms and Hand Cannons) or too impractical for use in any activity (slow-firing Pulse Rifles), though they do have some fairly decent stats on their armor, if you're looking for a more durable character.


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