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Destiny 2 had its first weekly reset after the launch of Beyond Light. With that reset came the start of the first piece of long-form content: Season of the Hunt. All Destiny 2 players can participate in this seasonal content whether or not they got the premium battle pass. That new content in question includes a new threat to Earth by the Hive god, Xivu Arath, and the introduction of a new character Destiny 2 veterans will have quite the history with, The Crow. As for getting the most out of this new content, we have the guide for you.

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A good hunt requires good lures and bait

Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Season of the Hunt Lure Charging

There are a collection of bonus objectives that help the lure charge faster. These objectives change every single day but seem to alternate between killing enemies in specific ways (precision hits, special abilities, and so on) and doing certain events, like Lost Sectors and Public Events. It's not clear how many of these objectives are on rotation so we will try to cover our bases as best we can.

But the biggest hurdle is actually getting to the hunts themselves. After finishing a new mission on the moon and meeting Crow for the first time, you'll be given a Cryptolith Lure. This is used to start the Wrathborn Hunts, but it requires charging. You charge up the lure by playing any of the three major activities: Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. Once the lure has a charge, you can prepare it to lure out a certain boss monster, each with its own suite of rewards. The lure can hold up to three charges at a time. The more you do these hunts, the more the lure will slowly improve with new perks and bonuses.

Simply put, there isn't much strategy for improving this lure. This part of the seasonal content is very straightforward. Keep doing Wrathborn Hunts and you'll keep getting better rewards as you play. There are even consumable mods you can slot into the lure to make sure certain kinds of loot drops. The real challenge is figuring out how to get it charged faster so you can keep doing those hunts.

Naturally Crucible and Gambit has its fans. If you've looked over our guides for the new Stasis subclasses, and know about some balance issues leading to the delay of the competitive Trials of Osiris mode, there's a chance you'll flock to these modes for your lure charges.

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It's a pain in the neck, but it's worth it.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Season of The Hunt Location Guide

However, I'd suggest doing Strikes. There are bonus objectives you can do during these co-op missions that help the lure charge faster. Those objectives are killing enemies with precision hits (basically headshots) and beating Ultra and Major enemies. This means that with the right loadout, picking the right Strikes, you can have a lure charge faster than in Crucible or Gambit.

Let's start with loadouts. The current meta of Destiny 2 is high-impact weapons with high rates of fire. Specifically, hand cannons have gotten buffed across the board. Shotguns and sidearms are also reliable for short-range combat thanks to their small frames and reliable stability.

Right now, these weapon types are stellar in both local co-op activities and in competitive Crucible. Ace of Spades, Crimson, and Malfeasance are fantastic Exotic hand cannons to pack as your kinetic weapons. If you're a real veteran player and still have the Sturm hand cannon with the Drang sidearm, their complementary perks of constantly reloading themselves when swapped have come back with a vengeance now.

Alternatively, if you're a newer player who don't have these weapons on hand, just about any legendary hand cannon will serve you well. For the best results, make sure the weapon's RPM is 180, to ensure a high rate of fire. Other bread-and-butter weapons to look out for are the semiautomatic sidearm Last Hope and the Wishbringer shotgun.

Furthermore, if you put in the effort to get The Chaperone shotgun or have gotten attached to the new seasonal exotic weapon, Duality, those will work fantastically here. Both of them work best when aimed down sights and fired with precision since they use slug ammunition; perfect for blowing a boss' head off.

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Whatever gets you to these things faster, the better.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Season of the Hunt Strike Playlists

As for the best Strikes, there are a few to pick and choose. The biggest recommendation will have to be Broodhold on the Tangled Shore. Not only does the strike feature the swarm tactics of the Hive, you are bound to headshot something in the waves of thralls they send out you, but it has a large collection of boss enemies thanks to the Strike's unique hive worm mechanic. If you are more geared towards long-range tactics and less towards crowd control, The Scarlet Keep strike on the Moon is a decent alternative. Finally, if you don't mind avoiding some environmental hazards and some light platforming near the end, The Lake of Shadows strike on Earth has a healthy mix of low-rank fodder to headshot and doesn't feel too long in the tooth.

If you need quick and easy Lost Sectors, Earth's European Dead Zone is a good start. The area of Trostland alone has three straightforward Lost Sectors for you to bounce between. As for public events, Earth's Cosmodrome location is large and usually has at least two happening at any fixed time. Finally, if you need to get Patrols done, head to Europa. This is mostly because the lot of them revolve around simple “kill X enemy with Y method” objectives.

All of this will vary depending on overall skill level and the type of teammates you are matched with. But the less time you spend grinding these activities out the more time you can spend in those Wrathborn Hunts and get further into what else Season of the Hunt has to offer.

Admittedly, this guide is geared more towards PvE players than those who are in Destiny 2 for the more competitive angle. Nevertheless, I hope this guide was of use to you in helping to get the most out of this game's newest activity.

Per audacia ad astra.

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