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In this guide, we'll tell you how a Deliver Us Mars Hologram works and how you can solve the decryption puzzle and get a new Collectible.

Deliver Us Mars is set decades into the future. It features a lot of advanced technology, one of which is holographic recordings.

How a Deliver Us Mars Hologram Works

Deliver Us Mars Hologram is a recording that took place at a particular location at an earlier time. Typically, they will give you some kind of insight into the story by showing you a past event.

Holograms are not obvious to the human eye -- you'll need an A.S.E. robot in order to view them. Fortunately, Deliver Us Mars' protagonist Kathy is accompanied throughout the game by her own A.S.E. named AYLA.

How to Decrypt a Hologram in Deliver Us Mars

You can decrypt a Hologram in Deliver Us Mars by moving your A.S.E. robot "AYLA" around the decryption point until all three yellow blocks lock in the center and turn blue. Essentially, it's a combination lock that you solve by finding the correct position for AYLA in the area around the Hologram.

Here's how to do it step-by-step using an example from an early part of Chapter V: The Dream for These Folks.

First, we're going to have to walk up to the Hologram and interact with it by selecting "Decrypt."

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 01 Start Decryption

This interaction will put you in control of AYLA, Kathy's A.S.E. robot. You can now freely fly around the room.

The first part of this hologram is easy, so we'll be using the more difficult second part to explain how it works. You will see a white circle with 3 yellow (or blue) blocks around it:

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 02 Start of the Decryption Puzzle

If you move in any direction, you will see one or more of the yellow blocks move.

In this example, I'll move AYLA up.

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 03 Left Block Vertical Movement

Note how the left-side yellow block gets closer.

Move up some more and it will lock in place.

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 04 Left Block Blue

Moving back down will unlock the blue block, so this is not set in stone -- we just have an idea of where we need to be.

Next, let's try moving horizontally to the right:

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 05 Top Block Moving Horizontally

Moving to the right (while keeping the camera on the Hologram) has brought the top yellow block closer.

Continue rotating right some more:

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 06 Top Block Getting Closer

We've almost got it.

Move a little more to the right and it locks in place.

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 07 Top Block Blue

Now for the last block. We already know that the left block is tied to vertical movement and the top block is tied to horizontal movement.

The only thing that remains is moving forward and backward. Let's try getting closer to the Hologram.

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 08 Right Block Moving Closer

Oops, it looks like the last block went a little further away.

Let's try backing up instead.

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 09 Right Block Backing Up

It looks like that's the correct answer!

Keep moving backward and the last piece will lock into place. The puzzle will disappear with a particle effect.

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 10 Hologram Decryption Solved

You may have to solve this kind of combination puzzle more than once before the Hologram will actually play.

Once you're done with the decryption puzzle, the Hologram will automatically begin to play:

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 11 Watching Hologram

AYLA will project the Hologram from its position while Kathy walks around the room.

When the Hologram is done playing, you'll see a blue orb in the shape of an A.S.E.

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 12 Watch the Hologram Again

Interacting with this will allow you to watch the Hologram again.

Additionally, the Hologram you just watched will be added to your Astrotool.

Deliver Us Mars Hologram Decryption Guide - 13 Hologram Collectible Added to Astrotool

In addition to watching the cutscene, decrypting a Hologram will add a Collectible to your Astrotool.

And that's it! While the combination can be slightly different depending on the room, that's essentially how it works. Move vertically, horizontally, and back and forth to slide the yellow blocks in place and you'll decrypt a Hologram.

If you enjoyed our guide on how to decrypt a Hologram in Deliver Us Mars, there's plenty more to explore -- check out our other guides below!

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