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This Deliver Us Mars Chapter 9 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide gives you Puzzle solutions and Collectible locations for Chapter 9 and the Epilogue.

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Deliver Us Mars is coming to a close -- Chapter 9 is the final chapter of the game. In many ways, it's the most thrilling.

Kathy is barreling across the Martian surface in a rover, hoping to find answers to the mysteries that we've all been wondering about as we've played through the game. The ending to the story is pretty good, but there are still a couple tricky Puzzles to solve. Read on to find out what to do!

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 9 Puzzle Solutions

Here are the Deliver Us Mars Chapter 9 Puzzle Solutions we've found.

Quicklinks: Reach ARK Vita | Launch ARK Vita

Reach ARK Vita

Reaching ARK Vita will be a little different in terms of gameplay. You'll have to contend with other people for the first time in a long time -- and they're not too friendly.

First, exit the house's closet with Sarah. You'll exit out the back and enter another nearby building; crouch behind some boxes after you enter the building so you're not seen.

Once the patrol moves away, you'll have to "Assess the chances of just walking in" by interacting with several points of interest.

  1. The people standing outside of the building.
  2. The maintenance shaft below the building.
  3. The large round building on the left.

Go to the downward staircase you pointed out in your conversation with Sarah and turn left. You'll enter the oxygen regulator building.

Take the ladder down one level (or jump!) and you'll come across a locked door. Open it and you'll see a control panel with four buttons. These buttons move heat shields around the central cylinder. Line them up and you can climb up to the cylinder with them using your Climbing Axes.

You'll be forced to cut the hoses with your Cutting Laser. After you do, a bridge will appear behind you. Walk over it, then turn right and maneuver through the debris until you get outside. You won't be able to make it to the door to get into ARK Vita, so you'll have to take a detour by cutting open an access hatch to the right.

Proceed further through the structure and you'll eventually reach the Tesla chambers. You'll have to climb along the walls and circle around the chamber clockwise while avoiding the blast from the emitter.

Once you get to the first upper deck, you'll then have to pull off another tricky maneuver -- you'll have to jump to the next landing by using the emitter as a bridge.

Next, you'll have to jump onto one of the spinning platforms around the center. Once you land there, you'll have to jump onto one of the outer platforms. Then, you'll have to climb up another wall to the next area.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 9 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide - Reach ARK Vita 01

The next part is probably the most difficult. You're going to have to climb the spinning central column while constantly moving to the left so you don't get hit by the energy beams. Start on the left side to give yourself the best chance of making it to the top unscathed.

Once you're close to the top, you'll have to jump behind you and land on the upper deck, just as if you were jumping from one cliff to another. Once you're at the top, you'll be able to get to the control room, ending this Puzzle.

Launch ARK Vita

We've come around full circle -- once again, you're at the controls of a spaceship. This one, however, is much bigger than the ride you took to Mars.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 9 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide - Reach ARK Vita 02

As before, you have to follow a few steps to launch the ship. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Use the lit red buttons to move the black line over the blue zone, then flip the "Check" switch.
  2. Change the Nitrogen dial to 78 and the Oxygen dial to 22, then flip the "Check" switch underneath it.
  3. Retract the adductor by flipping the top-left switch and dragging the slide down.
  4. Flip the three switches on the right.
  5. Move the four sliders on the left until the red zones turn blue to start the auxiliary power units.
  6. Rotate the dial on the left side of the center panel to 0. Next, drag the slide down. Then, grab the joystick and move it back.
  7. Drag the bottom slide up and push the button.
  8. Push the bottom-right button and slide the throttle up to launch the ship.

ARK Vita will scream into the sky, triggering a cutscene and ending the Chapter.

There are no Puzzles to solve in the Epilogue, but there are still a few Collectibles to grab -- you can find them in the list below (along with the Collectibles for Chapter 9).

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 9 Collectible Locations

Here are the Deliver Us Mars Chapter 9 Collectible locations we've found.

Saving a Planet / A Bee Farm!

You'll see bee farms to the right of you as you walk along the road inside of the habitat.

Family Matters / Stanley to Isaac

The message "Stanley to Isaac" can be found on the second floor of the home that's under construction in the habitat.

Comics / Marsman Issue #7 "Convergence"

You can find Marsman Issue #7 "Convergence" in a bedroom on the second floor of the home that's under construction in the habitat.

Deliver Us Mars Epilogue Collectible Locations

Here are the Deliver Us Mars Epilogue Collectible locations we've found.

Comics / Marsman Issue #8 "Celebration"

You can find the eighth issue of the Marsman comic floating in the center of the bridge.

The ARK Engines / PANGEA

The final Collectible you can get in the game is, fittingly, the last of the three ARK Engines: PANGEA. You'll find it in the room behind the bridge.

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That's the end of our Deliver Us Mars Chapter 9 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide. You can learn more about the game by checking out our other guides below!

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