Deliver Us Mars Chapter 6 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide

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In this Deliver Us Mars Chapter 6 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide, we go over Kathy's adventures to solve Puzzles and find Collectibles in the Odun facility.

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Chapter 6 of Deliver Us Mars has Kathy exploring the Odun facility in a frozen area of the planet. You're searching for signs of life that were detected by the team not too long ago.

This next Chapter is somewhat heavier on the exploration and platforming rather than Puzzles. That's not to say there aren't some mysteries to solve and some Collectibles to find -- read on for the solutions!

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 6 Puzzle Solutions

Here are the Deliver Us Mars Chapter 6 Puzzle Solutions we've found.

Quicklinks: Get to Odun Base | Get to the Sign of Life

Get to Odun Base

Chapter 6 starts off with a fairly light puzzle. You have to inspect three points of interest to proceed.

  1. The central building.
  2. The building on the right of the tall central building.
  3. The gondola on the left.

Once you're done, go through the gap in the railing marked by a yellow flag on the left. Work your way down the ice walls on the cliffs.

When you're at the bottom, head towards the facility. You'll find a crashed cable car along the way. Turn left at the cable car and you'll encounter the Curiosity Rover as a neat easter egg.

The path to Odum Base is a bit of a maze. You'll find a blue box with Climbing Axes sitting on the ground next to a tower-like machine. Look up and you'll see an ice wall marked with a yellow flag. Jump up onto this cliff, then follow the yellow flags to the facility.

Get to the Sign of Life

Getting to the third building shouldn't be too difficult once you're in the Odun facility. You'll need to do some light platforming and exploration.

Eventually, you'll reach a flooded tunnel with another STREAME puzzle. First, go to the end of the hallway to retrieve a STREAME beam splitter. Then take the STREAME splitter to the side room with the STREAME transmitter and line it up with the receiver in the same room.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 6 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide - Get to the Sign of Life 01

Doing this will open a door and cause the box to slide out of the way.

Next, pick up the STREAME splitter and bring it into the newly-opened room. Use it to target the shutter on the opposite side of the hall.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 6 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide - Get to the Sign of Life 02

This will open up a shutter in the first room with a STREAME transmitter.

Go back across the hall and aim the STREAME transmitter at the receiver you can now access to the right.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 6 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide - Get to the Sign of Life 03

This will open up the door at the end of the hall.

Proceed through the door and you'll find an underwater area with a single Collectible message. Grab it, then proceed into a tunnel where a fan is pushing the water through pipes. Move up to the fan using the alcoves on the side, then cut the fan blades and proceed through the hole you just made. Head up the stairs on the other side.

That's it for the Puzzles in this objective. From here, you can go forward to the source of the life signs. The rest of the Chapter is fairly straightforward, so you don't have to worry about any major Puzzles, either.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 6 Collectible Locations

Here are the Deliver Us Mars Chapter 6 Collectible locations we've found.

About the Tech #5 / Odun Cable Car

You'll encounter the Odun Cable Car on your way to the facility after you finish climbing down the ice walls.

On Running a Colony #9 / Viktoria to Luis

When you enter the second building of the Odun facility, you'll find a holographic table. Right after you inspect it, you'll have to head downstairs. Turn left into the loading dock and you'll find the "Viktoria to Luis" message there.

Family Matters #5  / Who Would Leave Their Daughter?

You'll find a room where food was grown and antidepressants were manufactured in the Odun facility's second building. After that, you'll head up to the second floor. You'll find the marker for the "Who Would Leave Their Daughter?" Hologram in the center of a room on your way through the second floor.

A Divergence #3 / Anna to Paul

After the previous hologram, you'll make your way outside. As you exit, you'll see a platform directly across you can't reach - jump across to the right and enter the next building, then take a left to go back out an airlock to find this message sitting on a crate.

On Running a Colony #10 / Fungi Grow Cabinets

When you enter the third building (after jumping over the blue container), you'll find a large room with four tables of lab equipment. The Fungi Grow Cabinets can be found towards the back of this room.

A Divergence #4 / Destroyed Heating Coils

The Destroyed Heating Coils can be found in the third building of the Odun facility, down some stairs and in a room with some massive orange cylinders.

A Divergence #5 / Your Words Lit the Fuse

The Hologram "Your Words Lit the Fuse" can be found at the back of the room with the destroyed heating coils.

Comics #8 / MarsMan Issue #4 "Rite"

After the hologram in the room with the destroyed heating coils, you'll head towards an underwater section of the mission, and have to power some doors. After powering the door that lets a block move across the hall - jump on the block and up above into the rafters for this comic.

A Divergence #6 / Bas to Sander

The message "Bas to Sander" can be found in the underwater area below the third building.

On Running a Colony #11 / Outward or Earth

This Hologram is discovered after the end of the cutscene in the ruined greenhouse.

On Running a Colony #12 / Greenhouse Weeds

The Greenhouse Weeds sit on the second level of the catwalks in the ruined greenhouse. Climb up the platforms and you'll find them at the end of the catwalks on that level.

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We're all done with the Deliver Us Mars Chapter 6 Puzzles and Collectibles Guide. Check out our other guides below!

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